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Another vicious crime against an Asian caught on video in NYC subway and still no white supremacy in sight

Following the shooting murder of eight women, six of whom were of Asian descent, in Atlanta earlier this month, the narrative coming from the left and mainstream media has been that white supremacy is the primary cause of anti-Asian hate crimes across the country. The suspect in the Atlanta attacks is a white male and anti-Asian crimes have...

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The Biden regime becomes the new government TERROR as surveillance state targets whites, patriots and Trump supporters for tracking and interrogations

It didn’t take Joe Biden’s Marxist handlers long to settle into their roles as natural tyrants, as evidenced by the fact that they are planning to use all levers of government to quash remaining political opposition, even if it means neutering some 75 million Americans who did not choose them in November. Article by JD Heyes from Natural...

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Lin Wood to run for South Carolina GOP Chair

A Telegram channel controlled by attorney Lin Wood announced last night that the controversial newcomer to South Carolina will run to be the state's Republican Party Chairman. The former Georgia resident announced on Telegram in the beginning of February that South Carolina would be his new legal state of residence. The channel, which has over 800,000 subscribers, has...

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Global campaign for fossil fuel divestment will INCREASE carbon emissions, warns expert

A campaign aimed at encouraging individuals and organizations around the world to sell off their investments in fossil fuel companies in hopes of lowering carbon emissions could end up having the opposite effect, experts have warned. Article by Cassie B. from Natural News. On the surface, the idea of divestment might seem to make sense to those concerned about...

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Antifa thugs in Washington vandalizing vehicles with American flags on them

With most of mainstream media ignoring the domestic terrorism in states like Washington, Oregon, and Minnesota, Antifa has turned to more directly violent means in order to get people's attention. Yesterday, they escalated their attacks against anyone who had the nerve to express their patriotism by putting an American flag on their vehicle. Journalist Andy Ngo shared some...

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