Battlefront: Frontline

Local Seats are the First Bite for the Leeches of Anti-Constitutional Change

As we enter the midterm elections Americans are faced with choosing from a vast number of candidates for many different offices of representation. Typically these are the times people get out and participate in the voting process. Yet, as Americans have witnessed this should never be the case. All elections have consequences. Every single item and person to...

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Ernesto Ramirez Lost His Son to The Pfizer Jab as Population Control Marxists Continue to Push it on Children

In this final episode of 2021 #FrontlineLive Dustin Faulkner brings you to the stories and developments that foreshadow the coming problems in 2022. We've come this far and now they will turn up the Final Agitation on many fronts. Will Americans continue to rise to the occasion and defend their country from the Marxists as we've witness in...

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Clay Clark: America is Facing the Final Steps Toward the Great Reset

The southern border of the United States has the floodgates open to the illegal immigration siege. Migrants, including Latin American Haitians and Middle Eastern foes, flood into the state of Texas without even a thought of halt from the Biden dictatorship. After a lockdown worldwide to change the landscape using a Chinese bioweapon the current administration by fiat...

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The Final Agitation

Treasonous General Milley is elevated to the spotlight after revelations alleged in Woodward and Costa's book details his call with China and promises made to betray President Trump. Yet this is only the small amount given to what is really going on in the U.S. Our country quickly falls to more tyranny by medical personnel and bureaucrats. The...

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Was the Afghanistan Disaster Incompetence or the Work of a Mastermind?

Sitting President Biden recently pulled out of Afghanistan leaving behind Americans and also Afghan allies to the ruthless rule of the Taliban. ISIS-K has also begun its sweeping destruction implementing the caliphate through Jihad. Many have publicly proclaimed that Biden made a mistake and pulled too soon out of Afghanistan ahead of September 11th. Mainstream news pundits and...

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Bring America Strength Again

After a triumphant return to addressing the nation President Trump dominated CPAC 2021 in his keynote speech. The speech was heavy on accomplishments which are quickly being unraveled by the Biden administration. Trump admonished Republicans not to be divided and also outlined the steps to prevent further loss by election theft. Dustin examines the speech tonight and discusses...

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