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Alinsky Rising: We need rules for DEFEATING radicals today perhaps more than ever

The spirit of Saul Alinsky is alive and well among the radical progressive groups pushing Cultural Marxism today. But it's worse than just Cultural Marxism. They've gone so far as to commit domestic terrorism, all the while garnering tremendous financial support from American citizens as well as outside groups bent on the destruction of the United States. Of...

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Former mayor Robert Emmanuel Jacob wants to defund police. He was just arrested for child sex crimes.

What is it about radical leftists who engage in criminal activity while demanding we defund the police? Is it part of some self-serving escape mechanism that allows them to justify their crimes by blaming cops? The latest example took a sick turn when it was revealed a former Democratic Mayor in California has been charged with 11 counts...

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David Rubin says Americans need to oppose BLM rhetoric and support the traditional family

Americans can learn a lot about how to handle today's challenges by looking at how Israel has handled theirs throughout history. They haven't done everything perfectly, but they've stayed true to their core values, including the need for a strong, traditional family to be the core of their existence. We recently had the honor of sitting down with...

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Could MORE police funding—and thus better training—have saved Daunte Wright?

When Danielle Neuschwanger got her degree in criminal justice, she knew she would end up working in some capacity with law enforcement. Her career path led her through the system where she learned that law enforcement organizations in America are underfunded, not overfunded as Black Lives Matter and other radical leftist groups claim. Watch this interview on Locals...

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Exclusive: Mike Lindell reveals perfect timestamp correlation between late night vote ‘drops’ and Chinese cyberattacks

As a nation, we are faced with multiple major threats. Voter fraud, Covid-19 vaccines, mainstream media censorship, and Big Tech tyranny are just a few of the things challenging the nation and the Constitution. They all happen to be associated with someone I had the pleasure of speaking with for nearly an hour. MyPillow founder and CEO Mike...

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If election fraud is fully exposed, here are two Constitutional ways to eject Biden-Harris without the Supreme Court

The vast majority of Trump-supporters who think (or know with a certainty) that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump have given up hope that the results can be corrected. We're coming up on three months since Joe Biden was fraudulently inaugurated and became the current resident of the White House. Very few seem to be...

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