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How the Jabs Will Be Used to Control Those Who Haven’t Already Been Depopulated Into the Grave

Arguably the toughest part about my job is discernment. There are two massive challenges with this, especially as it pertains to controversial topics such as the Covid-19 "vaccines." First, there are the unambiguous and massive censorship and suppression campaigns being waged by governments, corporate media, Big Pharma, academia, Big Tech, and healthcare organizations to hide the damaging truths...

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Are the Globalists Winning?

There are two extremely important ideas America First patriots must keep in mind going forward when it comes to globalism spreading across the world. First, the vast majority of major problems we're facing are not coincidences or the results of incompetent decision-making by leaders. These decisions are intentional and they're working just as they're supposed to work. Second,...

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Stop Thinking Biden’s Divisive Speech Was About the Election and Start Recognizing the Real Enemy

Conservative pundits are predictable. Especially during election season, they see everything through the lens of how it will make an impact in November. This often blinds them to the reality that today's Democrat leadership in Washington DC is no longer driven by election concerns. The handlers in the Biden-Harris regime do not answer to the guy in the...

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