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‘Domestic Terrorist’ Label Is a Boogeyman to Stifle Opposition of Tyranny

 It was just a couple of months ago that the "scare label" preferred by radical leftists when talking about conservative Americans was "white supremacist." They applied it pretty much universally regardless of the skin color of the person they were attacking. Anyone who believed in the America First agenda, freedom, or limited government MUST be a "white...

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The JD Rucker Show Is Back

Listen to "The JD Rucker Show is Back" on Spreaker. In June, I recorded my last episode of the NOQ Report podcast. Well, technically. We didn't know at the time that a lot of changes would be happening and had to cut the show off for a week, then a month, then four months. The reasons were a...

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Dr Sabine Hazan Explains How Big Tech is Keeping Ivermectin Researchers From Doing Clinical Trials

Dr. Sabine Hazan sat down with the NOQ Report recently and discussed the extraordinary efficacy in treating COVID-19 patients using Ivermectin and Doxycycline, in conjunction with Zinc and Vitamins C and D. She is founder of Ventura Clinical Trials, and has been Principal Investigator and Sub Investigator in over 150 clinical trials. She is also the creator of ProgenaBiome,...

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Michael Letts: What’s ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter’s End Goal? A National Police State

Michael Letts of, sat down with the NOQ REPORT NEWS UPDATE to discuss the latest insidious assault on our Bill of Rights, namely the incursion of the U.S. Capitol Police in law enforcement into non U.S. Capitol jurisdictions with out adequate justification. This is at odds with the 10th Amendment, of the Bill of Rights, which clearly states: ...

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Robert Spencer: Taxes for Jihad

Islamists are playing us for fools and Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch, who sat down with the NOQ Report News Update, told the plain truth about this subjugation of the West facilitated by President Biden and other Western leaders enamored with diversity.  By Bill McIntosh Despite their widespread non adaptation to our societies and the zest with...

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