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Corrupt Parties Have Transformed Immigration Into a Delivery System of Unlimited, Cheap, Exploitable Labor

The NOQ REPORT News Update recently sat down with former U.S. immigration enforcement professional Michael Cutler who has testified to Congress numerous times, particularly after the 9/11 attacks. He has recognized immigration to the United States as a lethal trojan horse that threatens us daily and leaves us completely vulnerable to low wages, terrorist attacks, high crime and infectious...

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Biden’s Craven State Dept. Invites UN Human Rights Officers (Including From Cuba) to Investigate America

CAUTION GRAPHIC IMAGES: Viewer discretion is advised on this interview video Accompanying the news of unprecedented protests sweeping Cuba, including footage of hundreds of fed up Cubans shouting "Libertad!" repeatedly; autos being turned over, police cars being pelted with rocks, people being arrested or shot at in the streets and even in their homes; a brazen detention witnessed...

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After a Rapper is Murdered Exiting a Chicago Jail, why are we Still Targeting Good Guys With Guns?

Dave Workman is a researcher about guns, violence and law abiding citizens stopping criminals with their firearms. Workman is co-author with Alan Gottlieb of the book GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS. He works with the Second Amendment Foundation and sat down with the NOQ Report News Update to discuss the  appalling murder of Chicago rapper KTS Dre, (Londre Sylvester) that occurred shortly after...

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John Henry Westen: Canadian Church Burnings

In the wars being waged with the left, outright falsehoods, half truths and the convenient historical ignorance among Western societies at large serves as a ready blank slate for Marxist exploitation narratives to be written upon. Witness the spate of vicious arson attacks on twenty Canadian churches (both Catholic and Protestant) and assaults on statuary that illustrate how ignorance...

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Joe Dallas: Arming up to fight the Cancel Culture… One SJW at a time

The fact that the media, Silicon Valley, academia, celebrities and members of your own family are converging almost on cue seems nothing less than demonic and their favorite weapon is often CANCELLATION, or in a word, Cancel Culture that seeks to buffalo people, companies, institutions and groups to apologize, change course, renounce long held values, statuary, traditions and stated beliefs...

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Federal Judge Takes California’s “Assault Weapons” Ban to the Woodshed in 94 Page Ruling 

Federal Judge Roger Benitez of the Southern California District Court delivered a crushing ruling that had Gavin Newsom nearly in tears claiming that the Cuban born judge who lived through the Cuban communist revolution was a "...stone cold ideologue" and "He will continue to do damage-mark my words!" Cam Edwards of the Second Amendment Foundation was recently interviewed on the...

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