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GA Governor Candidate Kandiss Taylor: We Don’t Need an Audit in Georgia… There’s Enough Evidence to Decertify Right Now!

Ever since November 3rd, 2020, conservatives and American patriots have been doing everything within our power to expose the stolen election that placed the Alleged President Joe Biden in the White House. The information has been slowly getting exposed, bit by bit. In our immediate gratification society, many have been getting frustrated at our inability to fully get...

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Whistleblower Ian Michael Giatti: CEO George Cheeks Directs CBS News to Target and Discriminate Against Employees Based on Skin Color

Conservatives everywhere understand the bias of the Mainstream Media, which is why Donald Trump’s mantra of “Fake News” stuck so easily… it’s true! Ian Michael Giatti is someone who’s seen this up close and personal while he was a producer at CBS News Los Angeles. He’s now sharing his experiences from “behind enemy lines” after witnessing targeting and...

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Michael Hichborn Exposes the Vatican’s Involvement With the Occult, Abortion & The Great Reset

For many Catholics around the world, they’ve been seeing the Vatican and many congregations around the world get hijacked by Communists pushing a Globalist agenda. The results have been an extremely Woke Pope and an implementation of the Marxist agenda. Michael Hichborn is the president of Lepanto Institute and recently released an investigative report exposing some pretty dark...

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Pastor Sam Jones: What You Must Believe In Order For Religious Exemptions to Work Against the Vaccine Mandates

Pastor Sam Jones has been getting a lot of press, both positive and negative, for his stand against tyranny in the state of Iowa. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, he never closed his church. When the mask mandates dropped, he never complied. And now that vaccine mandates are being implemented, he’s now writing religious exemptions to counter the mandates....

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The Staff Of Southwest Airlines Have Given Us The Template For Saving America

The Left has gaslit the American people to believe that we are completely beholden to their every whim and wish. Throughout the past two years, we’ve seen them use every possible strategy at their disposal to manipulate and threaten us to bend the knee to the almighty elites. What’s going on with Southwest Airlines should be an encouragement,...

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Should The Electoral College Be Abolished? A Debate With Progressive Libertarian Jasen Dutch

Many Democrats have been making the recent push to abolish the Electoral College, claiming that the current system in place disenfranchises those in states like California, New York and other states with larger cities. Their argument is often that a vote in Montana is more valuable than a vote in California. Jasen Dutch, co-host of the podcast Dig...

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Biden’s Jobless Report Is Proof That The Democrats Are Intentionally Tanking Our Economy

In typical political elitist fashion, the Biden Administration refused to take responsibility for the horrific jobs report that was released. Instead of attributing it to the Democrats’ tyrannical lockdowns and vaccine mandates, they blamed the Delta Variant. Anytime there’s a problem for the Democrats, it’s always the fault of that pesky Delta. According to Labor Secretary Marty Walsh,...

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Freedom Phone Founder Erik Finman: US Intelligence Agencies Threatened Facebook’s Leadership Unless They Ban Certain Conservatives

Erik Finman is the man behind the Freedom Phone, which is the Conservative alternative to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. He makes the case that Conservatives have to create our own ecosystem, yet most have been mostly focusing on software, such as social media and communication platforms. He’s taking a different approach and starting with the hardware to...

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Matt Couch: How Can Christians Be OK Getting The Jab After Learning Pfizer Used Aborted Babies?

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas are at it again… this time they set their sights on Pfizer. And, boy, did they expose them or what? For months, many have been sounding the alarm (including several of us here at Freedom First Network) that the COVID-19 “vaccines” were developed using tissue from aborted babies. We’ve been fact checked and...

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