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Geoff Shepard: J6 Committee Is A Rogue Operation Parallel To Nixon Secret Roadmap

The Two Mikes had the pleasure of welcoming Geoff Shepard -- the master of Watergate analysis -- back for another discussion on that subject and how the Democrats playbook against Nixon was used again against Trump. Mr. Shepard again reminded us that the, Democrats dominated the Washington bureaucracy from 1932 until the time of Nixon, and seem to continue to do so...

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Governor Gob Ehrlich: The Ultra MAGA Red Wave Is On Its Way

Former Republican governor of Maryland Robert Ehrlich today joined The Two Mikes to discuss prospects for the midterm elections. In Maryland, he said that the Republicans were "competitive" in three of the state's congressional seats, and several county-executive races. He said the governorship is still a fight, but the Democrat candidate is flush with cash. Nationally, Governor Ehrlich...

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The McInerney Report: The Biden Regime is Deliberately Permitting Fentanyl to Come Across the Border

Today's "General McInerney Update" on The Two Mikes was quick and ominous.  General McInerney reported that he has information that the Biden administration is deliberately permitting as much fentanyl as possible to enter the United States from Mexico. The Chinese remain the Cartels' chief suppliers of the drug and the chemical precursors that are needed to manufacture it in Mexico. He also...

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Lawrence Selling: The CCP Takeover Is At Our Doorstep

Dr. Lawrence Sellin (ret'd) joined the Two Mikes Today and explained that his recent research is showing that the Chinese government is actively engaged in establishing a beachhead in the Hawaiian Islands based on commercial companies and real-estate acquisitions. Dr. Sellin described the Chinese project as being conducted by people close to the Chinese intelligence services who are...

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The Western Jihad Against Russia

The Two Mikes were delighted today by getting a call from our Moscow-Based friend Dmitry Makarov. We, of course, spent the call talking about the situation in Ukraine. Mr. Makarov said that there is a general sense of disgust and growing animosity toward the West across Russia. The sources of these sentiments are easy to designate: (a) the United States...

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Edward Yeranian Explains The Blowback Caused By Current Western Interventionism

Today, The Two Mikes had the pleasure of discussing international affairs with Edward Yeranian, a veteran foreign-affairs journalist who is based in Cairo. Mr. Yeranian reported that the current confrontation between the United States and Russia is being watched closely in the Middle East and is tending to drive greater cooperation among the myriad Arab States. The region's governments have kept a fairly tight lip...

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