We have a virus in our country called Leftism

There is a virus spreading across America… and we are not talking about COVID-19. It’s Leftism. It’s taken over virtually every aspect of our American way of life. It’s even infiltrated into our churches and denominations, turning what was once a safe space for Christians to fellowship together into a breeding ground for Cultural Marxism and Socialism. It’s...

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The secularization of the Republican Party may lead to the downfall of America

Thankfully under the leadership of President Donald Trump, many Americans have turned their back on the Democrat Party and come over to the Right, joining the Republican Party. The consistent theme is that the Democrats are not the same party that we used to know. They are not the party of oppression, authoritarianism and intersectionality. Most people fleeing...

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Does your pastor have a backbone?

Despite what the Left is constantly claiming, America is a Christian Nation. Our Founding Fathers established this country under the belief that God is God, and we are created in His image. It’s written into our founding documents. America is the only nation in the history of the world that focused on devaluing the role of the government,...

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Designed to KILL: Democrats demand that FDA cancel safety rules for abortion drug to make baby murder more accessible

To make getting an abortion in America even easier, House Democrats are badgering the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to lift safety restrictions on a baby-murdering pharmaceutical known as mifepristone (Mifeprex). Article by Ethan Huff from Natural News. Democrats on the House Oversight Committee want the FDA to allow pregnant women who wish to murder their unborn children to...

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