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Josh Barnett and David Jose: Everyone’s Ignoring That Our Founding Fathers Wrote How To Fix The 2020 Election

There are a lot of conservatives that talk a big game. However, there’s rarely any action. Congressional Candidate Josh Barnett and David Jose break that mold, leading the charge to force the Arizona Audit and protecting businesses from the tyrannical lockdown mandates. They are doers, not just talkers, which sets them apart from the rest of the politicians...

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America First Senate Candidate Jackson Lahmeyer: Fauci Is A Mass-Murderer Who Needs To Be Fired, Arrested and Prosecuted For Crimes Against Humanity

Anthony Fauci is a mass-murderer. He needs to be be fired, arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity. This is the case that Senate Candidate Jackson Lahmeyer made during this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show. We’ve all seen the flip-flopping of the guy who claims that he’s the arbiter of science, yet it’s clear that he’s making...

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Congressional Candidate Josh Barnett: More Than 30 Laws Were Broken in the Arizona 2020 Presidential Election… It’s Time to Decertify

Josh Barnett is a man on a mission. Sure, he’s running for Congress (and would make a great Representative, at that!). Sure, he’s one of the key figures that made the Arizona Audit happen. But he’s got a larger mission. It’s to teach people how to take their country back. Hint: It’s not by sitting back and waiting...

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GA Governor Candidate Kandiss Taylor: We Don’t Need an Audit in Georgia… There’s Enough Evidence to Decertify Right Now!

Ever since November 3rd, 2020, conservatives and American patriots have been doing everything within our power to expose the stolen election that placed the Alleged President Joe Biden in the White House. The information has been slowly getting exposed, bit by bit. In our immediate gratification society, many have been getting frustrated at our inability to fully get...

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Oklahoma Candidate for Governor Moira McCabe: We need governors who have the spine to stand up to the Federal Government

Many Conservatives are getting frustrated with our GOP leadership, which has led to the rise of the outsiders. We’ve seen a lot of first time candidates over the past few election cycles, several of whom I’ve had the opportunity to interview on Freedom One-On-One, including Lauren Boebert, Burgess Owens, Mindy Robinson, DeAnna Lorraine, Buzz Patterson and JR Majewski....

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Gavin Newsom is punishing CA for having better ICU capacity than normal

Subscribe to Let's Talk Right Now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Communist California is now in another lockdown with full-on stay-at-home orders from its dictator, Governor Gavin Newsom. The claim is that hospitals, emergency rooms and ICUs are being overrun with COVID-19 patients. The state was threatened with lockdown if the ICU capacity of open beds dropped below...

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