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Tom Dilorenzo Exposes Dishonest Abe and The Federal Oligarchs

Tom Dilorenzo Exposes Dishonest Abe and The Federal Oligarchs

The fine economist and civil war era historian Tom DiLorenzo joined The Two Mikes today to discuss issues touching on both areas. Dr. DiLorenzo has just published a book named The Politically Incorrect Guide to Economics, which has received fifty-five 5-star reviews at Amazon. In talking about his book and the American economy generally, Dr. DiLorenzo said that it now should be obvious to all Americans that the...

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Dr Andrew Huff Provides PROOF They’re Deliberately Destroying Our Food Supply

Is the Federal Government ruing our food supply on purpose? All throughout Europe, there are WEF-Klaus Schwab backed initiatives for governments to start buying up farmland to control the supply and demand of the worlds food supply. In America, numerous food processing plants and major agricultural centres have been targeted and have had strange explosions. Just across the...

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How Going After the Government Instead of Big Pharma for the Release of the Bioweapon Injections Could Lead to World War III

Our Trusted Leaders are distracting us from the real villains in the release of the bioweapon injections, otherwise known as the “covid vaccines.” They are telling us to go after the government and even employers, when the real Bond villains are Big Pharma. During this episode of In The Foxhole, Karen Kingston and Jeff Dornik explain why this...

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