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Dr Sabine Hazan Explains How Big Tech is Keeping Ivermectin Researchers From Doing Clinical Trials

Dr. Sabine Hazan sat down with the NOQ Report recently and discussed the extraordinary efficacy in treating COVID-19 patients using Ivermectin and Doxycycline, in conjunction with Zinc and Vitamins C and D. She is founder of Ventura Clinical Trials, and has been Principal Investigator and Sub Investigator in over 150 clinical trials. She is also the creator of ProgenaBiome,...

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Were the Pfizer ‘Vaccines’ Approved Because They Establish a Perpetual Need for Booster Shots?

The FDA's approval of the Pfizer "vaccine" for Americans over the age of 16 drew questions from many, even those who support distribution of the vaccines. Pfizer's drug has performed the worst against the Delta Variant, especially compared to Moderna. Moreover, the "protection" from the drug against all variants of Covid-19 appears to wane after around 6-months. And...

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Vaccine-Pimping US Surgeon General Proclaims Americans Have ‘No Right’ to Spread ‘Disinformation,’ Which Means Anything the Regime Doesn’t Like

US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy is on a mission to eradicate quality information about health that could help people make an informed choice about their healthcare. Murthy is participating in a wider criminal conspiracy to deprive the public of important, life-saving medical information surrounding the issue of vaccination and natural immunity. Murthy believes that the government should appropriate...

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Streamlining Tyranny: Google, Apple, and Samsung Are ‘Digitally Normalizing’ Vaccine Passports

Governments around the world are implementing vaccine mandates and vaccine passports with varying degrees of severity, but all of them are shooting for the endgame of universal human inoculation. Mainstream media and Big Tech "arbiters of truth" at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others are all in on the plan. They may not have all the details, but they...

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