Globalists Fear Spartacus and His Slave Rebellion

Something intriguing is happening with bitcoin.  What started as a series of perplexing data “inscriptions” containing classified files from the U.S. government has now been confirmed by Bitcoin Magazine as an ongoing effort to cement information in the public record beyond the reach of government censorship. An anonymous guardian of free speech has begun using bitcoin to republish all of the...

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Blockchain Expert Jeff Richfield: Stop Waiting on the Next Election and Let the Elect Rise Up

Blockchain expert and prayer revivalist Jeff Richfield joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to share his concerns about the coming financial crisis that he believes America is simply not prepared for. He shares how you can prepare for the coming economic collapse that our nation faces as our globalist government begins implementing its digital currency. One...

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Batten Down the Hatches with Gordon Oliver

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Gordon Oliver from Cambridge Credit Counseling for an update on America’s economic situation.

 Mr. Oliver explained that the economy continues to struggle and, in some sectors, decline. He thought that Americans are beginning to catch on that there is a lot of talk going on about plans to improve the economy, but the fact is that almost nothing...

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Ira Bershatsky Breaks Down how the Biden Regime is Utterly Destroying the U.S. Economy

The Joe Biden Regime is intentionally destroying the U.S. Economy. The push for minimum wage increases combined with massive amounts of inflation combined with printing money combined with supply chain issues combined with the out-of-control gas prices combined with grocery bills almost doubling have created an almost irreversible push towards an economic Great Reset. Ira Bershatsky is Our...

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The Central Banking System and Biden Threaten Crypto Currencies While Bitcoin Surges

Tennessee has been the target of several transvestite protests and violent attacks due to the opposition of bills that end the behavior to be pushed upon children. Quite frankly, this is occurring in traditionally conservative states abroad. Tennessee has eyes upon it because there has been an uptick in violent criminal activity from this group committing mass murder...

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Clay Clark: Combining Covid Bioweapon Injections with the CBDC Creates a Terrifying Transhumanist Nightmare

Clay Clark returns to The Jeff Dornik Show to break down the current state of the world… and it’s not looking good. First, you’ve got the covid bioweapon injections which have already wrecked havoc on the world’s population, and we haven’t even had the 5G connectivity yet! Then we’ve got the implementation of digital currency with the rollout...

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