Bitcoin Or Dogecoin? Ethereum Might Be The Superior Crypto

Bitcoin has captured the hearts and minds in the financial markets, forcing Wall Street to adapt to the decade-old technological innovation. Dogecoin, a digital currency that started as a joke, has made it into Saturday Night Live skits. But while all the love and praise are being given to bitcoin and dogecoin, what about another cryptocurrency that recently hit record highs? Ether...

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The rise of Bitcoin

In hindsight, the rise of cryptocurrencies appears to have begun with the introduction of bitcoin in 2009. Earlier cryptocurrencies had been launched in the 1990s, but they failed to take hold. David Chaum’s DigiCash is widely thought to have been ahead of its time. Chaum founded his company at the start of the decade, well before the rise...

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The blockchain and the future of everything

Writing, money, and ledgers, are the three basic building blocks that allowed humanity to progress past the days of foraging for berries and hunting wild game to the advanced global civilization we are today. Writing allowed us to convey knowledge and information that made it possible to cooperate and build on the findings of others. Money allowed for...

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Bitcoin and a lesson in electricity markets

In their desperation to find a reason for why bitcoin is terrible-bad-destructive-awful and morally reprehensible, the crypto-obsessed authors of the Financial Times blog Alphaville – Jemima Kelly, Jamie Powell, Izabella Kaminska – are quickly running out of good choices. Article by Joakim Book from AIER. Their latest one is the “environmental FUD” – a classic in our world of environmentally obsessed elites,...

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