Is FTX Tied to Pedophile Blackmail Networks? It’s Much Worse Than You Thought

The midterm elections just ended a week ago and in some states it just ended yesterday. They were a massive disappointment and people are starting to blame the RINO establishment in Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and future Speaker of the House of representatives Congressman Kevin McCarthy. Although President Biden’s approval is below 35%, and over 70% of...

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Biden Continues to Make War on The U.S. Economy

Today, The Two Mikes welcomed back Ira, Our Gold Guy.  Ira spoke frankly about Biden and his cabinet, in which there is no businessperson and so the economy is being run by the economically ignorant and the elderly professor Janet Yellen. Even more important is that Biden and his gang are not really interested in making the economy better. Rather, they...

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GETTR CEO Jason Miller: Taliban Terrorists are Allowed on Twitter Despite Horrific Violence and Threats

In the wake of our Free Speech being stripped away by collusion between Big Tech and our own government, there’ve been many social media companies that have popped up. They’ve all been ok alternatives, but they’ve been far from able to compete with Big Tech and Silicon Valley. It appears, however, that this is about to change with...

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How can we Protect Ourselves From Inflation?

Today, believe it or not, The Two Mikes interviewed our first sponsor, Mr. Ira Bershatsky, a leading physical precious metals dealer.  Mr. Bershatsky received an MBA from the University of Michigan (1980) and has worked in this precious metals industry for over 40 years. Mr. Bershatsky explained that his company does all of the "heavy lifting" for its...

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