Grandmother builds list of 161 major books indoctrinating kids on indefinite Covid lockdowns, face masks

A grandmother and family advocate identified 161 books available on Amazon that attempt to indoctrinate children and their parents into a new normal of lockdowns, face masks, social distancing, and virtual replacements for standard child activities like birthday parties and schools. But that's not even the worst part. What makes it more discouraging is that the list is...

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BioNTech CEO says ‘booster’ shots for Pfizer vaccine will be required every 12-18 months

What a surprise. The CEO of BioNTech says you will need a booster shot of the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccine” every year. Article by Mac Slavo from SHTF Plan. Ugur Sahin, BioNTech’s chief executive, and co-founder told reporters on Wednesday that the vaccine his company created with Pfizer will likely require a third booster shot due to data showing a weaker...

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Booster shots can create VACCINE-RESISTANT variants of the coronavirus, scientists warn

Robert Verkerk, a Britain-based multi-disciplinary scientist who received his doctorate from Imperial College London, warns that booster shots can further drive the mutation of the Wuhan coronavirus. He says that prolonging mass vaccination programs can exert a “selective pressure” on the virus, which can create variants that can “outsmart” the immune system. Article by Virgilio Marin from Natural News. Selective pressure is any cause that increases or reduces an organism’s...

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At Biden address, Democrats engage in social distancing symbolism before swarming Joe for a superspreader finale

There were a few messages delivered by Democrats at Joe Biden's sort-of-not-really-State-of-the-Union-address-non-address. No, it wasn't just in what he said, though there was plenty of fodder for ridicule and condemnation offered by his words. It was the actions of Democrats before, during, and after the event that can only invoke confusion for those who were paying attention. The...

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Biden forces working taxpayers to foot bill for those injured, killed by Covid-19 vaccines

If you live in the United States, decide to get an experimental Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection, and become seriously injured as a result, the Biden regime will pay you to stay home and “recover” – all on the dime of hard-working American taxpayers, of course. Article by Ethan Huff from Natural News. China Joe’s latest scheme to rob from the...

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Nashville mother of three paralyzed less than a day after getting second dose of the Pfizer vaccine

A Nashville woman felt extreme pain in her neck before waking up paralyzed from the neck down less than 24-hours after taking the second dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. Brandy Parker-McFadden, a mother of three, has been hospitalized for nearly two weeks. Her story has gone nearly completely unreported by mainstream media with local media only picking...

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Besides causing cancer in humans, Roundup also kills bees

New research published in the Journal of Applied Ecology has revealed that secret ingredients used in the Roundup (glyphosate) herbicide formula are highly toxic to bees. Article by Ethan Huff from Natural News. In addition to causing cancer in humans, Roundup contains so-called “inert” ingredients, none of which are subject to mandatory Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) testing, that researchers found are a death sentence for...

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High school track star breaks 800-meter school record, falls face-first at finish line as mask restricts breathing

Young people are far less susceptible to both Covid-19 infections as well as serious symptoms. Healthy people, such as track and field stars, are also considered to be safer than most. Being outside away from others is a surefire way to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Why, then, did Oregon force high school junior track star Maggie Williams...

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