The vaccine IS the pandemic: 80% of nuns vaccinated at Kentucky convent tested positive for coronavirus two days later

Thirty-five nuns from the Benedictine Sisters of St. Walburg in Kentucky were vaccinated earlier this month for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), and just two days later two of them died and 26 others tested positive. Article by Ethan Huff from Natural News. According to Sister Aileen Bankemper, the convent’s prioress, the monastery was completely locked down during this entire time,...

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Texas is open: Gov. Abbott ends mask mandates, allows businesses to have 100% occupancy

For over a year, scientists have debated the efficacy of closing down businesses or limiting capacity to stave off Covid-19 infections. Meanwhile, other scientists have debated the efficacy of face masks with seemingly no difference in infection rates between states that do or do not mandate them. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has officially sided with scientists who want...

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California’s dystopian Daily Pass: ‘They want kids masked, barcoded and brainwashed’

For years, conspiracy theorists have warned that governments will implement draconian mandates to prohibit access to services like travel, commerce, and education. Covid-19 has given cover to those ready to usher in their authoritarian dreams as the sheep flock to support the cause. This is why they're pushing fear. This is why how they achieve their goals. Case-in-point:...

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Burbank city council votes to shutter city’s oldest bar over Covid. Their response: ‘WE WILL NOT COMPLY’

Civil disobedience has been a staple of American culture since before the nation broke free from England. It is a necessary component of our freedom as government tends to lean towards authoritarianism whenever it sees a clear path. Covid-19 has opened up such a path for many authoritarians across the nation with California leading the way towards a...

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Pamela Popper: The COVID-19 test is not a test & the vaccine doesn’t protect you

Subscribe to Freedom One-on-One on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. Pamela Popper is fighting to Make Americans Free Again by exposing the fraud being peddled by the Democrats and Establishment Politicians. Pamela has spent her entire career helping to educate people on understanding the healthcare system to be able to take control of their own lives. Now...

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