Biden administration blatantly hiding border crisis numbers because they’re just that bad

How bad are things at the border? How much of the illegal immigrant surge is blowing right past the southern states and spreading across the nation's interior? How many of them have entered the United States without being tested for Covid-19? These are all valid questions, to which we are receiving zero answers from the Biden administration. In...

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Alleged President Joe Biden protects illegal alien sex offenders

Subscribe to Let's Talk Right Now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Operation Talon was created under the Donald Trump administration that targeted sex offenders and pedophiles for deportation. During his first weeks in the White House, Alleged President Joe Biden cancelled this operation, providing cover for the worst of the worst among illegal immigrants, endangering the lives of...

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It’s Do or Die for America!

Subscribe to Let's Talk Right Now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. As we face this unprecedented election, the repercussions will be drastically different depending on whether President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden takes charge come January. While historically the differences between the Republicans and Democrats have been minor, this time around we see extremely polarizing...

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