Robert Owens: The Unconstitutional Arrest and Incarceration of the Jan 6 Prisoners Undermines Every Aspect of the American Judicial System

Today, The Two Mikes discussed the events of 6 January 2021 and other matters with Robert Owens of the John Birch Society.  Mr. Owens explained that the unconstitutional arrest and continuing incarceration of the people seized last year at the capital "undermines every aspect of the judicial system." He attributed the fact of these people still being jailed...

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Ed Haugland: America Is Divided Into Four Groups – The Compliant, The Complicit, The Complacent And The Corrupt

Today, The Two Mikes again interviewed Ed Haugland, a long-time senior officer in the U.S. Intelligence Community who now writes at https://theinformationequilibrium.blogspot.com. Mr. Haugland argued that time is running short for the survival of the republic unless widespread resistance to the China/Democrats ongoing insurrection is developed rapidly. He said that America, today, seems to be divided into four...

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AZ AG Candidate Abraham Hamadeh Exposes how the Courts in Arizona Rigged the 2020 Election

There are three primary issues of primary importance of Conservative Americans today: Election Fraud, Critical Race Theory and Covid and the Vaccine Mandates. While it’s of utmost importance to get the legislators to do their job, passing laws to protect the rights of their citizens, a law is only as good as its enforcement. This is why it’s...

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Josh Barnett and David Jose: Everyone’s Ignoring That Our Founding Fathers Wrote How To Fix The 2020 Election

There are a lot of conservatives that talk a big game. However, there’s rarely any action. Congressional Candidate Josh Barnett and David Jose break that mold, leading the charge to force the Arizona Audit and protecting businesses from the tyrannical lockdown mandates. They are doers, not just talkers, which sets them apart from the rest of the politicians...

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Is The Deep State Fix Already In For The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial?

I’m hearing conservatives everywhere ecstatic that the Ghislaine Maxwell trial has officially begun. Everyone keeps saying that this is going to be “the one that exposes the Deep State.” Ghislaine holds they keys, they say, and it’s only a matter of time before Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Biden family and Bill Gates are finally arrested and thrown...

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