Kentucky legislature paves way for Mitch McConnell’s retirement, which cannot come soon enough

Rumors are spreading like wildfire that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's retirement may be imminent. He won reelection in November, but it may be unrealistic to 79-year-old can stay in the Senate another six years. Now, the Kentucky state legislature is moving to protect the Republican Party by forcing Democrat Governor Andy Beshear to choose from three GOP...

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Democrats just snuck a $1 billion tax hike on workers into their COVID bill

When the economy is struggling to recover from a pandemic and crushing government lockdowns, that’s probably the worst time to impose $1 billion in new annual taxes on the working class. But that’s exactly what a new provision quietly slipped into the Democrats’ sweeping $1.9 trillion COVID legislation would do. Article by Brad Polumbo from FEE. “A last-minute insert...

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Tell your legislatures to adopt this Tennessee bill that makes blocking a highway a felony offense

Last summer, streets and highways were blocked in cities across the country as Black Lives Matter and Antifa "activists" performed their "protests" in ways that were meant to harm people. They'd never admit that was their intention, but only a total idiot would think that slowing or stopping an ambulance carrying a dying person or preventing police from...

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Bill would allow individuals to sue government agencies

Government agencies have significant protections against lawsuits by individuals for mistreatment, even if they intentionally violated the law. Article by Bob Unruh from WND. They are given a pass mostly under the legal concept of "qualified immunity," which provides they are protected unless a court "clearly established" in a previous case that the actions were unconstitutional. That might...

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COVID aid bill would pay federal employees $1400 a week if kids are out of school

With thousands of schools still closed or partially closed across the country, millions of American families are struggling to find work-life balance while educating their children at home. Article by Jon Militimore from FEE. One part of American society may be receiving their own special COVID-19 relief package, however. In Forbes, Adam Andrzejewski writes that a provision in the $1.9 trillion...

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