Should The Electoral College Be Abolished? A Debate With Progressive Libertarian Jasen Dutch

Many Democrats have been making the recent push to abolish the Electoral College, claiming that the current system in place disenfranchises those in states like California, New York and other states with larger cities. Their argument is often that a vote in Montana is more valuable than a vote in California. Jasen Dutch, co-host of the podcast Dig...

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Oklahoma Candidate for Governor Moira McCabe: We need governors who have the spine to stand up to the Federal Government

Many Conservatives are getting frustrated with our GOP leadership, which has led to the rise of the outsiders. We’ve seen a lot of first time candidates over the past few election cycles, several of whom I’ve had the opportunity to interview on Freedom One-On-One, including Lauren Boebert, Burgess Owens, Mindy Robinson, DeAnna Lorraine, Buzz Patterson and JR Majewski....

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The problem with ‘Just do what the cops say and you won’t get hurt’

New evidence has emerged in the case of 73-year old Karen Garner, an eighty-pound woman with dementia and sensory aphasia. Newly released video shows Garner was beaten to the point of having her arm broken and her shoulder dislocated while being arrested for an alleged attempted theft of $13.88. In June 2020, Garner, had apparently attempted to leave a Walmart in Loveland, Colorado,...

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