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Media Loudly Reports Allen West’s Wife ‘Arrested for DWI With Child in Car,’ but Buries One Important Fact

Former Congressman and Texas GOP Allen West has always had a contentious relationship with the press. Leftwing media tends to despise his pro-America, pro-freedom attitude even more than they dislike most Republicans. He's a patriot and a conservative who is running against a RINO, Greg Abbott, for governor of Texas. That means he's a target. Mainstream media went...

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Chad Prather: The Constitution Wasn’t Written to Keep us Safe, but to Keep us Free.

Governor Greg Abbott has been a massive disappointment to conservatives in the great state of Texas. He’s trying to tout himself as a leader within the conservative movement, yet he’s the typical Establishment RINO politician who campaigns as a conservative and leads as a moderate to progressive. Earlier this year, Chad Prather decided that he’d had enough of...

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Evil Covid Politics: Gavin Newsom to Require Vaccine for Smaller Events… AFTER Recall Election

California Governor Gavin Newsom is an authoritarian. He's worse than Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. He's worse than Washington Governor Jay Inslee. When it comes to consolidating power over the little people of his state, nobody flexes their executive muscles more than Newsom. But for now, his draconian mandates are on hold. He has a recall election to try...

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WA School Superintendent Refuses to Deny Teachers Should Lie for Covid Shot Exemption

The Superintendent of Public Instruction for Washington admitted that the new vaccine mandate for all teachers in the state will be arbitrarily applied. Teachers who file for religious exemptions will not be policed by the department. "No, we're not going to fire a bunch of teachers" in October, Superintendent Chris Reykdal told Q13 Fox host Brandi Kruse in...

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Democrats sue to stop the California Recall Election of Gavin Newsom

Californians are sick of Governor Gavin Newsom. During his reign as governor of this great state, he’s systematically destroyed it, both prior to and during COVID-19. Home values are through the roof, which makes it virtually impossible to live here comfortably. Taxes are insane. Homelessness is out of control. Illegal immigration has caused widespread harm to the citizens...

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Michael Letts: What’s ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter’s End Goal? A National Police State

Michael Letts of, sat down with the NOQ REPORT NEWS UPDATE to discuss the latest insidious assault on our Bill of Rights, namely the incursion of the U.S. Capitol Police in law enforcement into non U.S. Capitol jurisdictions with out adequate justification. This is at odds with the 10th Amendment, of the Bill of Rights, which clearly states: ...

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