Denise McAllister: Conservatives Can’t Win the Transgender Fight if We Concede on Homosexuality

Conservatives and even Christians have largely conceded the fight over homosexuality. However, these same people are attempting to fight against transgenderism. As Denise McAllister explained during this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, the root issue for both comes down to identity. If you concede the identity of the personal claiming homosexuality, you must also accept the transgender...

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Father Frank Pavone, a Conservative Pro-Life Activist, Dismissed From Priesthood by Woke Vatican

One does not have to be a Catholic to be dismayed by the woke nature of the Vatican under Pope Francis. The Marxist advocate of anti-Biblical ideals and his likeminded lieutenants have pushed the church in a radical leftist direction. In doing so, they have alienated or completely eliminated many of the most conservative members of the clergy....

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Kevin Sorbo Reveals How Hollywood is CRUMBLING, and Righteous Entertainment is Rising

Hollywood is out of control and they’re level of embarrassment has reached new heights. Between Lebron James fighting for racial injustice in America, all the while is shoes are being made my children in child labour camps in communist China, where he stands for their flag too! Or how Alyssa Milano sells her tesla and leaves twitter to...

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