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DeAnna Lorraine: Miscarriages are Skyrocketing and NICUs are Overcrowded as a Result of the Poison Death Shots

Here on The Jeff Dornik Show, we’ve been reporting the wide variety of side effects and health ramifications of the covid-19 Poison Death Shots. We were one of the first to report California’s Health Department reporting the issues of heart inflammation among young boys after getting jabbed. I’ve interviewed Alicia Smith, who has been dealing with ongoing neurological...

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Donald Trump’s Truth Social Bans Dr Sherri Tenpenny… Here’s the Reason Why

President Donald Trump launched Truth Social to supposedly combat censorship by Big Tech. Unfortunately, just like most of the other alternative social media platforms that have popped up, Truth is being weaponized to destroy the First Amendment. Dr Sherri Tenpenny was permanently suspended yesterday from Trump’s Truth Social. I reached out to her team, who told me that...

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Dr Bryan Ardis: Scientists, Hospitals, and Pharmacists are Delivering Poisonous Care to Unsuspecting Victims

After the weaponized virus Covid-19 was released upon the world there has been a strong push to cover up the discovery of its origins. Then, the mRNA vaccines were ready to roll out and more propaganda and misinformation was delivered to divert discovery of its origins and what it contains. More information continues to be discovered and released...

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Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies: Artificial Intelligence is Coming to Take Over Your Intellectual Capacity

Google Whistleblower and Blast.Video founder Zach Vorhies sat down with Matt Couch on a recent edition of The Matt Couch Show, and it was explosive! These two friends discuss anything and everything, and drop bombs on things that most won’t dare talk about in today’s media. The show goes two hours, and it’s phenomenal. Zach explains how his...

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Karen Kingston: The Bioweapon is not the Spike Protein Produced by mRNA… Patent Suggests Something More Sinister and Deceptive

This episode of The Jeff Dornik Show is sponsored by the explosive new book by Robert F Kennedy Jr, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Order your copy today at After the recent allegations by Dr Bryan Ardis and Stew Peters about snake venom being the...

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