Elizebeth Warren Wants To Pack The Court So She Can Continue To Worship The Demon Moloch

Elizebeth Warren Wants to Pack the Court so She can Continue to Worship the Demon Moloch Demon worship is a dangerous thing and it dements the mind. Sen. Elizebeth Warren who has long worshipped the demon Moloch through her support of child sacrifice via. “Women’s health” is now suggesting that Congress pack’s the Supreme Court in order that...

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Mindy Robinson: The Globalists are Trying to Reset Us… Why Can’t We Reset Them?

While the Leftist Mainstream Media label people like Mindy Robinson and I as “Conspiracy Theorists”, we tend to view ourselves as Conspiracy Analysts. As my good friend Dr Mike Spaulding says, a conspiracy is nothing more than sinister behavior done in secret. We should be analyzing current events, taking a look at what’s going on and whether there...

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Ed Haugland: Manchurian-President Biden is Following Lenin’s Prescription to End America

Today, The Two Mikes hosted Mr. Ed Haugland, a foreign policy/national security analyst who had a distinguished 30-plus-year career in the U.S. Intelligence Community -- including multiple senior positions -- and is now a private contractor. Colonel Mike found an essay about Biden by Mr. Haugland on the internet called "the Manchurian President" (see citation below), which opened...

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AZ AG Candidate Abraham Hamadeh Exposes how the Courts in Arizona Rigged the 2020 Election

There are three primary issues of primary importance of Conservative Americans today: Election Fraud, Critical Race Theory and Covid and the Vaccine Mandates. While it’s of utmost importance to get the legislators to do their job, passing laws to protect the rights of their citizens, a law is only as good as its enforcement. This is why it’s...

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