Neil Oliver Explains Why “More People Look at the Lies and Manipulative Propaganda They Were Fed for the Past Three Years”

The great Neil Oliver used this week's monologue to dive into both the good and bad over the past three years. The events and those manipulating us have been horrible, but the possible silver lining is that people are finally starting to realize these lies must be exposed. Here's the transcript: Brace yourselves for the latest from La-La-Land....

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The “Censorship-Industrial-Complex” Is a Much Bigger Story Than Most Realize

I think something is seriously wrong with my brain. Yesterday, I hallucinated that Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger testified before a subcommittee of the US House of Representatives about the Censorship Industrial Complex, i.e., the US arm of the global official propaganda and disinformation apparatus that has been waging an all-out war on dissent for the better part...

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Worldwide Media Runs Cover for Governor DeWine, EPA, and Norfolk Southern

Multiple agitations are occurring in the United States that sweep away coverage of each of them before people can dig deeper. The distractions created are a confusion to those becoming interested in the information. Overwhelming pressure develops and they retreat into the things which seemingly comfort them. That is control. We continue to see events with lasting future...

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The State of the Union is Unprecedentedly Bleak… Unfortunately, the GOP Isn’t Offering Any Solutions

The State of the Union is Unprecedentedly Bleak… Unfortunately, the GOP Isn’t Offering Any Solutions

As Joe Biden prepares to read his State of the Union Address that was written for him by his handlers that is sure to be filled with lies, gaslighting and propaganda, Jeff Dornik breaks apart the actual state of the union. Unfortunately, with covid, election fraud, illegal immigration, Chinese spy balloons, war in Ukraine and the ushering in...

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