Here Is the Definitive List of Covid Jab Adverse Reactions to Learn and Share as More “Normies” Wake Up to the Truth

On Thanksgiving, I had an unexpected private conversation with a once-a-year-relative (those cousins and other family members you only communicate with during the holidays). She pulled me aside after dinner and asked, "Hey, where can I find info on that vaxx-stuff you always talk about?" It was like opening an unexpectedly awesome Christmas present to hear her ask...

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Teen’s Covid “Vaccine” Death and Investigation Expose the Massive Flaw in the “Speed of Science”

It took months to analyze Covid-19, develop vaccine candidates, test them, produce them, and start distributing them to the masses. Steps were skipped or curtailed, of course, as Big Pharma companies raced to cash in on billions of dollars worth of jabs. As Pfizer executive Janine Small said to the EU Parliament last month, they were "moving at...

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