97-98% of Americans Must Get The Jab Before We Get Back To Normal According to Alleged President Joe Biden

Joe Biden made an absolutely insane claim about getting back to normal after COVID-19. He’s now saying that we have to get 97-98% of Americans vaccinated before normalcy can return in this country. Historically, herd immunity was reached once approximately 70% of a community was immune to a virus. That would include those vaccinated and those with...

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DWTS Dancer Cheryl Burke Can’t Believe She Contracted COVID-19 Despite Being Fully-Vaxxed

As time goes on, it’s becoming more apparent that the vaccines are not nearly as effective as “Doctor” Anthony Fauci and the Health “Experts” claim. There are so many breakthrough cases of fully-vaccinated people still contracting COVID-19, I don’t know how anybody could think that those who have gotten The Jab are actually immune or even protected. Dancing...

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Important Distinction: Dr. Robert Malone Reminds People He’s NOT Anti-Vaxx but Adamantly Opposes the Current Covid Injections

The Biden-Harris regime and mainstream media have been gaslighting Americans for months. They've classified everyone who is against the Covid-19 injections as "Anti-Vaxxers." This is obviously not true, at least it should be obvious to anyone who isn't indoctrinated by Pandemic Panic Theater. Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna injections,...

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No Vaxx, No Comp: NY Gov Wants Workers Fired by Medical Dictatorship Stripped of Unemployment Benefits

As court battles continue to try to block the draconian vaccine mandates being pushed in New York and other states, not to mention by the federal government, authoritarians like Governor Kathy Hochul continue to ramp up the pressure campaigns. They want everyone in the world vaccinated to usher in The Great Reset, and they refuse to allow freedom...

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Covid Crackdown on Faith Accelerates as NBA Denies Player Religious Exemption from ‘Vaccines’

The 1st Amendment prevents government from imposing restrictions on how we practice our faith. Anti-discrimination laws extend religious protections for people who may be persecuted in the private sector for their religious beliefs. Both are clear and while there have been challenges over the years, especially recently, they have generally been upheld in courts. Our religious freedoms are...

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The Arizona Audit Did NOT ‘Prove’ Joe Biden Won and the Reason that Narrative Exists Should Infuriate You

This was supposed to be a ticked-off rant where I named names of so-called "conservative" news outlets who either reported the Maricopa County audit of the 2020 election proved Joe Biden won or didn't report on the audit at all. Sadly, it seems that a strong majority of "conservative" sites are joining with every leftist mainstream media outlet...

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The Final Agitation

Treasonous General Milley is elevated to the spotlight after revelations alleged in Woodward and Costa's book details his call with China and promises made to betray President Trump. Yet this is only the small amount given to what is really going on in the U.S. Our country quickly falls to more tyranny by medical personnel and bureaucrats. The...

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