Thou Shall Not Kill – With Allan Parker

The Two Mikes were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with Mr. Allan Parker this morning.  Mr. Parker is an attorney, and can argue cases before the Supreme Court. He and his law firm have provided pro bono assistance to women who are against abortion and/or those who have been mentally or physically damaged by having an abortion. He...

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Economic Woes Hit Americans for 4th of July as the Biden Regime Laughs at Us

Most of you are old enough to remember this magical Tweet from a year ago today: The White House thought it was so funny that Americans were "saving" $0.16 year-over-year on cookout food that they included awful puns in a clear mocking of our sensibilities. This year, they're not saying anything at all about costs, for obvious...

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Here’s the Patriotic Christian Song We Needed for 4th of July: “God Save America”

In Joe Biden's America, two things are very clearly under attack: American patriotism and Biblical Christianity. They're hitting us from every possible front in a Cultural Marxists' dream scenario that includes LGBTQIA+ supremacy, anti-life abortion activism, and censorship against those who are willing to speak in favor of American exceptionalism or Biblical truths. For this 4th of July,...

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Apparently “Hate Speech” Is Only Bad on Twitter if It’s Directed at the People They Like

Big Tech in general and Twitter in particular have struggled to define what they consider to be "hate speech." The reason is obvious: "Hate speech" is in the eyes of the beholder. Unfortunately for conservatives, the powers-that-be in Big Tech love to behold only the hate speech that targets people they protect, namely leftists. Justice Clarence Thomas has...

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