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Podcast advertising works. Multiple studies have shown the efficacy of podcast advertising based on the captive audience and growing popularity of the medium. Marketing Week noted in April how there are 73 million podcast listeners in the United States with a projected 82% growth by 2022. And unlike other forms of digital or analog advertising, consumers generally favor hearing podcast ads.

Marketing Week explained why:

Ad-avoidance may plague many marketing channels, but not podcasts. In fact, 78% of listeners actually approve of podcast sponsorships. Why? Because the listeners make the connection that the advertising funds the content that they truly value.

Freedom First Network uses an innovative model to allow advertisers to take advantage of every component of this burgeoning advertising medium. Our omni-channel marketing product enables advertisers to reach a wide audience through in-show advertisements on the podcasts, YouTube videos, Facebook videos, and the untapped Periscope market. Moreover, we enhance these ads with visual reinforcement through banners on both Freedom First Network as well as our news-oriented sister site, NOQ Report.

Arguably the best part of our solution is our “Sponsor Profiles” offering. Articles are written about the company that offer them the ability to highlight just about anything they desire. Company culture, new products, philanthropy, community involvement, or straight-forward company information gets published on NOQ Report, a news site that receives between 500,000-1,000,000 visitors per month and growing. These profiles are then promoted through hyper-targeted advertising, so even companies working within a local market can be exposed specifically to people within that market.

Promoting a book? Our marketing package is ideal to give your writing the exposure it needs to dramatically increase book sales.

Reaching a conservative, patriotic audience through these channels enables advertisers to take advantage of an affordable an effective set of marketing channels. We understand what makes America works and we’re applying the freedom-loving principles that make our nation great into the mutually beneficial medium of omni-channel marketing.

Reach out to us through our secure contact form and let’s see how Freedom First Network can enhance YOUR business. We will custom-build your package to meet your budgetary, PR, advertising, and marketing needs. Our products include:

  • Sponsor Profiles: Reach a large nationwide or localized audience with updated information that helps your company or project receive very positive press.
  • Podcast Advertising: Over a dozen podcasts in our lineup and growing. There’s a reason podcast advertising has one of the highest retention rates. It works.
  • Video Advertising: All of our podcasts have a video component through which the audio of our podcast ads are also found. This doubles down by reaching a separate audience that may not be into podcasts but who definitely watch videos on YouTube, Facebook, or Periscope.
  • Banner Ads, Twice: Between Freedom First Network and NOQ Report, banner ads will be displayed to a tremendous audience. This audience is generally conservative and believe in buying from those who support conservative media.
  • Sponsored Interviews: Do you or someone with your organization have a message that simply won’t fit in 15-seconds to 1-minute? Let us interview you on one or more of our podcasts? This creates a perpetual piece of content that not only reaches our audience, but one you can also use to reach your own.
  • Social Media Advertising: Whatever message you need to get out there, we can help you with an advertising budget to promote other pieces of content whether we create it for you or you create it yourself.
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