America Held Hostage

Former CIA Intelligence Officer Dr Michael Scheuer Warns Against Getting Involved in Israel’s War Against Hamas

For many Conservatives, our gut reaction anytime the Islamic extremists is to immediately side with Israel. As a Christian, it’s even more compelling, given the commands throughout the Bible to not turn our backs on Israel. However, what does supporting Israel actually look like? Are we required to go to war on their behalf? How about send them...

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Madison Cawthorn DOUBLES-DOWN on Claims of Corruption in Congress Despite RINO Kevin McCarthy Rebuking Him

Arguably the most under-reported story out of DC this week has been the bombshell claim by Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn on a podcast and the subsequent spin by corporate media and the Establishment. He said he was invited to an orgy by a peer and that he'd seen others doing drugs. But instead of backing down to pressure...

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Transhumanism and Biofascism Are Tools of the ‘Technological Elite’

Transhumanism and biofacism are becoming tools of the technological elite, according to T.J. Coles, Ph.D., author and researcher at Plymouth University’s Cognition Institute in the UK. On the March 25 episode of “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” Coles spoke with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief legal counsel of Children’s Health Defense, about transhumanism, the billionaire class and the World Economic...

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Matt Walsh Exposes the Utter Lunacy of the LGBTQIA+ Supremacy Agenda

To "celebrate" #TransDayOfVisibility, conservative commentator Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire took to Twitter for a simple demonstration. He said nothing disparaging other than sarcasm over the false narrative that transgender people need even MORE visibility than they have today. It’s a good thing that we have a #TransDayOfVisibility because aside from this day, and Pride Month, and...

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