End Medical Tyranny

Israel Lied, People Died: The Untold Story of the Holy Land’s Covid “Vaccine” Deception

Editor's Note: The article below was the basis for today's episode of End Medical Tyranny. It's available on Substack but we're also trying to build up our Apple Podcast channel... at least until they define us. If you would, please follow those or at least follow our primary channel at Rumble, Brighteon, Bitchute, or Apple Podcasts. Newly leaked...

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What Could Go Wrong? New Booster Shots Will Be Released Before Human Trials Are Complete

Editor's Commentary: What's the rush? Alleged deaths from Covid-19 are way down. Omicron has proven to be a nothingburger that is akin to a mild flu or average cold. So why are they pushing to get new Omicron-specific jabs rolled out before knowing anything about them? The answer to the question is pretty obvious if you've been paying attention...

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Hmm: Nelly Korda Returns to Golf But Won’t Say What Caused the “Mysterious” Blood Clots That Sidelined Her

 Professional golfer Nelly Korda is back. As we covered previously, Korda was sidelined with blood clots that seemed at the time to likely be one of the many adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines. We posted in March: The world’s number two female golfer is sidelined indefinitely with an inexplicable blood clot. Olympic Gold Medal winner Nelly...

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By Suing to Keep the Airline Mask Mandates, the Biden Regime Reveals Their Real Agenda

Americans across the nation from both sides of the political aisle rejoiced this week when a judge lifted the mask mandates for air travelers. Sure, there were plenty of Covid-obsessed leftists who lost their collectivist minds over it, but for the most part the people were pleased by the reduction of pointless authoritarianism being imposed on us by...

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