Scientific “Breakthrough” Makes Lab-Grown “Meat” Sort of Taste Like Real Beef

It's easy to understand the agenda the powers-that-be are promoting by following the narrative being pushed by their corporate media proxies. When it comes to controlling the food supply, the narrative points to a near-future in which lab-grown "meat" is the primary form of protein available to the masses. We've watched this narrative forming for years even as...

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Don’t Be Surprised When Real Beef Is Completely Replaced by Lab-Grown Abominations

Recent events have triggered heightened awareness of ongoing attacks on meat, particularly beef. As more Americans wake up to the reality that the nation is trending toward lab-grown meat, insect proteins, and plant-based alternatives, obtaining shelf-stable products has become a priority. JD Rucker, CEO of Prepper All-Naturals, became animated when asked about the so-called "war on beef" being...

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Help Dad Beef Up His Survival Stash With 25-Year Shelf Life STEAK

"Prepper food" has become far more popular over the last year than any time in recent history. Americans are concerned about challenges with the supply chain, regulations, inflation, turmoil, and emergencies. Self-reliance is trending. With Father's Day fast approaching, now is the opportunity to give Dad the most unique gift ever. While many companies sell emergency food, only...

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Rise of the “Lifestyle Prepper”

They've been called "casual survivalists" and "prepper-lite." Now, a phrase has started popping up around the preparedness industry highlighting the rise of the "Lifestyle Prepper," particularly in American cities. Unlike "Doomsday Preppers," those who can be classified as Lifestyle Preppers aren't building bunkers or living off-grid. They don't can their leftovers for long-term storage and they probably don't...

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The War on Beef

I first heard about "the war on beef" in 2021 when a popular food blogger detailed efforts that were coming from multiple fronts to replace the real stuff with beef "alternatives." At the time I was mildly concerned, but by the following year I became a true believer in the "conspiracy theory" that governments, corporations, and non-government organizations...

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The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right: Before the Next Big Event, Stock Up on Survival Supplies

Something is coming. Just about everyone who is paying attention can feel it. Whether it's something surrounding the election, another Plandemic, war(s), hyperinflation, civil unrest, or something nobody's even considering right now, the anxiety flooding through Americans is palpable. Never have there been more Americans purchasing preparedness supplies than today. "I was never a 'prepper' through any of...

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