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Elon Musk Announces New Policy, Phrases Such as “Decolonization” and “From the River to the Sea” Could Result in X Ban

Editor's Commentary: As much as I believe the vile phrases that call for genocide against Jews — or anyone — destroy discourse and expose people to false narratives, I am opposed to this move by Elon Musk. It's not a free speech issue as Twitter (X) is now a private company (I'm not going to debate government protections...

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Another Free Speech Platform Kicked Off App Stores

Another Free Speech Platform Kicked Off App Stores

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Jason Sheppard, the founder and CEO of a Pittsburgh-based, free-speech social media site called WiMKiN (AKA: World Must Know). The site ( was founded in 2021, pledging to remain an uncensored outlet, as well as to assure user security. Mr. Shepard's project has been tremendously successful, even though it has been under...

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Karen Kingston: People are Foolish for Using Artificial Intelligence

Karen Kingston returns to In the Foxhole after a multi-month hiatus to discuss a wide variety of topics, including what’s really behind the mass shooting in Maine, her concerns with the future of artificial intelligence, as well as the recent realization of the Freedom Movement that we can, in fact, sue Pfizer and Big Pharma for the covid...

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Google, Microsoft, Facebook Among Tech Giants Illegally Harvesting Private Health Information

This article was originally published by The Defender — Children’s Health Defense’s News & Views Website. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, TikTok and the majority of medical and healthcare websites illegally harvest and sell private health information despite a federal crackdown on the practice, according to a new cybersecurity report. The report, by Toronto-based cybersecurity firm Feroot Security, analyzed hundreds of healthcare...

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