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Apparently “Hate Speech” Is Only Bad on Twitter if It’s Directed at the People They Like

Big Tech in general and Twitter in particular have struggled to define what they consider to be "hate speech." The reason is obvious: "Hate speech" is in the eyes of the beholder. Unfortunately for conservatives, the powers-that-be in Big Tech love to behold only the hate speech that targets people they protect, namely leftists. Justice Clarence Thomas has...

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Zach Vorhies: Rise Of The Machines

Two Mikes finally had Zach Vorhies on this afternoon.  

Mr. Vorhies worked as a software engineer at Goggle until he quit after finding the depth of the company's political partisanship and disregard for the 1st Amendment.  Mr. Voorhies said that Google spent whatever it took -- in terms of money, equipment, and manpower -- to create effective programs to...

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Donald Trump’s Truth Social Bans Dr Sherri Tenpenny… Here’s the Reason Why

President Donald Trump launched Truth Social to supposedly combat censorship by Big Tech. Unfortunately, just like most of the other alternative social media platforms that have popped up, Truth is being weaponized to destroy the First Amendment. Dr Sherri Tenpenny was permanently suspended yesterday from Trump’s Truth Social. I reached out to her team, who told me that...

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Project Veritas Catches “Commie as F***” Sr. Twitter Engineer: “Twitter Does Not Believe in Free Speech”

For years, we have complained that Big Tech in general and Twitter in particular are adamantly opposed to free speech, especially as it pertains to conservatives and Christians. We've been told repeatedly that it's not true with CEOs from all the Big Tech companies testifying before the House and Senate in defense of their practices to oppose "hate...

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Could Elon Musk Usher in a New Era of Free Speech in Social Media?

Bob and Eric discuss Elon Musk's recent acquisition of Twitter.  Will this mean a new era of Free Speech in Social Media?  And is the new "Disinformation Governance Board" the Left's response to a politically independent billionaire purchasing a major social media platform? Special guests Mark Naughton, Julia, and CryptoLawyer of the "Two Feds & The Truth" Podcast...

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