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Clay Clark Shares 11 Conservative Wins That Prove We Have The Momentum On Our Side

For those of us who earn a living commentating on the news, it’s sometimes difficult to see the positive. When all you see is death, destruction, rigged elections, constitutional rights stripped away, vaccine mandates and corruption, it’s easy to become jaded. Clay Clark, however, took the time while he was on The Jeff Dornik Show to look at...

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Nick Fuentes Responds to GETTR CEO Jason Miller’s Claim That He Was Banned For Recruiting White Nationalists

Conservatives have been facing censorship, shadow banning and deplatforming from the Big Tech companies like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for years. It’s really ramped up over the past year or two, as the Left has attempted to do everything they can to silence Donald Trump and his supporters and control narratives (i.e. propaganda). I, myself, was even permanently...

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Fascist Twitter Launches Dedicated Team to Stop January 6 “Harmful Content” (aka Anything Against the Official Democrat Narrative)

January 6th has become a holiday for Democrats and leftists across the country. It marks the manufactured "insurrection" that they use to try to gaslight voters into thinking Republicans in general and conservatives in particular are evil people who should be erased from society. They could never pull off such a ludicrous notion without a lot of help....

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Lt Gen Thomas McInerney: The Covid Jab and Boosters Contain Mind-Controlling Nanotechnology

Today, The Two Mikes discussed the dire, near-term danger by which the republic is now confronted. Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney (ret'd) explained that the United States is now under massive cyber and biological attack by Communist Chinese regime and their allies in the Democratic Party, the media, Big Banking and Business, and a substantial part of the U.S....

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Joe Rogan Joins Gettr: “Rejoice!”

Podcaster Joe Rogan has seen censorship first-hand, but he's still alive on Twitter. How long that will last, he doesn't know, so he's hedging his bets by joining Gettr. He should probably join Gab as well since it's the only social network where one can have a reasonable expectation of not getting banned, but I digress. According...

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