America, formerly the home of the free… but at least there’s still a few brave

For years, when other governments persecuted their own citizens for violating the rights that Americans believed are given to us by God, such as our freedom of speech, religion or to peaceably assembly, we would point out the contrast because our Constitutional Rights and their tyrannical oppression. It was an easy point to make: America is the greatest...

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Three reasons to reject Biden’s tax harmonization scheme for ‘global minimum taxation’

Way back in 2007, I narrated this video to explain why tax competition is very desirable because politicians are likely to overtax and overspend (“Goldfish Government“) if they think taxpayers have no ability to escape. Article by Dan Mitchell. The good news is that tax competition has been working. As explained in the above video, there have been big reductions...

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Immigration insanity: Democrats pushing amnesty through… infrastructure budget reconciliation?

The purpose of budget reconciliation rules in the Senate is to allow the money to continue to flow to where it's needed. That's why it bypasses filibuster rules and only requires a majority for passage. But the criteria to qualify for budget reconciliation are pretty strict and requires approval by the parliamentarian. This isn't always easy. After all,...

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