Is America Too Far Gone?

Over the past two years of the supposed covid-19 “pandemic,” we’ve seen a fundamental change in America. Not only did we witness the attempt by the Democrats to incite race wars through the Black Lives Matter riots. Not only did we witness the insurrection of November 3rd, 20202, where we watched the Left steal the presidential election from...

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Clay Clark Shares 11 Conservative Wins That Prove We Have The Momentum On Our Side

For those of us who earn a living commentating on the news, it’s sometimes difficult to see the positive. When all you see is death, destruction, rigged elections, constitutional rights stripped away, vaccine mandates and corruption, it’s easy to become jaded. Clay Clark, however, took the time while he was on The Jeff Dornik Show to look at...

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Virginia Democrats Appalled by Parents’ Rights To “Make Decisions With Regard to Your Child’s Upbringing, Education and Care”

There was a time not too long ago when Democrats hid the fact that they hate parents and want the state to raise all children. In fact, it's only been a couple of decades since Democrats actually believed parents should have a say in the upbringing of their children. But the modern Democrat Party holds no such perspective....

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Kenny Xu: Harvard Discriminates Against Asians For Being Too Smart and Working Too Hard

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Kenny Xu an author and activist in the cause of returning fairness to school admissions. He also wrote a new and excellent investigative article about the Salvation Army wrecking itself by adopting a policy of strongly anti-White wokeness. Mr. Xu has been active in the fighting Harvard Univerity's longstanding policy of discriminating against...

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