Pastor Sam Jones: Involuntary Servitude – Now Available in Both Men’s and Women’s Sizes!

It has been weeks since the Cuban protestors stormed the streets of Havana with American flags. Roughly 500 of those protestors are currently missing from their friends and family. Supply chains in the US are continuing to find themselves thinning as materials and products are getting harder and harder to access for manufacturing. A Transgender is on the...

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Lessons From Black Rifle Coffee: Who are the PAYtriots vs the Patriots

Millions of conservatives across America are feeling betrayed by Black Rifle Coffee, who was a business bringing together America-loving patriots for the past several years. Because they appeared to push our values, we got behind them as a company. There’s too many big corporations out there like Starbucks who fund all of the typical leftist organizations, so those...

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A Conversation on Monetary Policy During the Covid Era

On this episode of the Authors Corner, Ethan Yang interviews AIER Senior Fellow Dr. Tom Hogan on the radical developments that have characterized US monetary policy and the future of money. Before joining AIER, Dr. Hogan was formerly the chief economist for the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. He has also worked at Rice University’s...

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Kavanaugh Sides with Leftists Against Private Business Owners, Upholds CDC’s Moratorium on Evictions

The Supreme Court held that the CDC can continue to impose a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures due to the Covid lockdowns causing millions to not pay rent or mortgages yesterday. It was made possible by Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the so-called "conservative" Justice who sided with the four progressives. According to POLITICO : The association had asked...

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Thomas DiLorenzo: America’s “Stalinist Universities” are responsible for the social disaster we’re now experiencing

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Professor Thomas DiLorenzo, an economist who worked in three universities for 41 years before retiring. He is known for his scholarship in economics, and has written three thought-provoking books about Abraham Lincoln. He writes regularly – and very well – for Professor DiLorenzo spoke today about what he very convincingly describes...

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Royal Caribbean: Guests Have to Show Proof of Vaccination, Unvaccinated to Pay $136 for Testing

Royal Caribbean cruise company released a statement saying that unvaccinated passengers will have to pay testing fees and will be subject to various restrictions even though Gov. Ron De Santis banned companies from requiring vaccine passports through an executive order. Article by Samuel Allegri from our partners at The Epoch Times. On their vaccination guidelines, the company is saying that...

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Dear Democrats: THIS Is Infrastructure… 6 Injured After Pedestrian Bridge Collapses In DC

If you listen to the wokesters in the Democratic Party, academia, or mainstream media, the term "infrastructure" can mean pretty much anything. Democrats believe climate change is infrastructure. Academics claim child care is infrastructure. Journalists said that THEY were infrastructure. For the record, THIS is infrastructure: According to Zero Hedge: As Congress wrangles over a so-called "infrastructure" bill,...

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