Food in the Time of Covid

Friday the thirteenth. According to this morning’s headlines, the US annual inflation rate is only 6.5%. The “core” inflation rate (excluding the volatile food and energy sectors) is 5.7%. Meanwhile, in the real world, the price of organic apple juice at the local Walmart was $2.29 for a half gallon until a couple of months ago. Now it’s...

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Nightmare on Wall Street

Nightmare on Wall Street

"The current 'Money Bubble' has been brewing for more than thirty years and is ready to pop." So said David Stockman, today's guest on The Two Mikes. Mr. Stockman was President Reagan's Budget Director and is a renowned financial and monetary expert. Since the end of Mr. Reagan's presidency the increase in America's total national debt -- which includes public and private debt...

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New World Order Rolling Out Now: India to Let Banks Use Biometrics to Confirm Transactions

Editor's Commentary: An article over at Reclaim The Net got my attention for obvious reasons. It discusses what I consider to be one of the precursors to the extended rising tyranny we're going to see in the United States and the rest of the western world very soon. Biometrics used for transaction verifications tied to government-collected personal data is...

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