The Suffering Is Off the Charts

Things have taken a turn for the worse.  In recent months, economic activity has been dropping all over the nation, and that decline appears to be accelerating.  We just learned that gross domestic income has now fallen for two quarters in a row, and the Conference Board’s index of leading economic indicators has now been plummeting for 13 consecutive months.  Unfortunately,...

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Disney Is Falling Apart in Front of Our Eyes as CEO Warns of Unprecedented Challenge

Disney has helped to shape the American culture. Over the years, a Disney store has become an institution – a symbol for middle-class families living the dream. However, today, it looks like the Magic Kingdom is crumbling down. The largest share of Disney’s public – middle-income households – are struggling to afford Disney tickets, products, and streaming services,...

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Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Outlawing Federal Central Bank Digital Currency From Being Used in Florida

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is widely expected to jump into the 2024 GOP presidential primary race that is currently being led by former President Donald Trump — himself a resident of the Sunshine State — has signed legislation that bans the use of federally adopted central bank cryptocurrency in his state. DeSantis, accompanied by Commissioner Wilton Simpson and...

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Despite 12 Million New Jobs During Biden’s Presidency, Dems Still 10 Million Jobs in the Hole Compared to Trump

The latest jobs report has been released, and Alleged President Joe Biden is claiming to be the greatest job creator in American Presidential history. He’s citing statistics that claim he created 12.7 million new jobs during his presidency. There’s just one problem… during covid, Democrat governors forced 22 million workers out of their jobs. That means he’s still...

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RFK Jr. Says ‘Mega-Billionaires’ Are Using Climate Change to Usher in ‘Totalitarian Controls’ on Society

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said Friday that “mega-billionaires” like Bill Gates are using climate change to implement “totalitarian controls on society.” “Climate issues and pollution issues are being exploited by, you know, the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates and all of these big, you know, mega-billionaires, the same way that COVID was exploited, to...

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