Fourth Watch Files with Carl Crew

Inter-dimensional Beings Such as Demons and Fallen Angels are Permeating our Atmosphere

The topic of our latest discussion is learning to recognize the tell tale signs of demonic influence and remembering what we’re up against. Yes demons love to attend church and any other organization that has a pulpit. From mega churches to the White House, we uncover the controlled takeover of Hollywood, the people in positions of power and...

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CERN… Highway to Hell

The Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire", or European Council for Nuclear Research ie: C E R N is supposedly the highest pinnacle of scientific research on earth. But the collider they have assembled to “discover the God particle” is just a cover story for their real intent. Draped in “advanced science”, the pagan satanic aesthetic prolific throughout...

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Was the Moon Landing a Hoax?

In this episode we exhume many aspects of conspiracy theories that surround the ‘moon landings’ beginning in the late 1960’s, ranging from interviews with the astronauts to various pertinent pictures throughout NASA's PR campaign including actual broadcast footage from the original moon landing. Our technological timeline construction is weighed for its value. From Kubrick to Warner Von Brann,...

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