Conspiracy Theory

Land of Corruption

Subscribe to Battlefront: Frontline on Apple Podcasts. During this episode of Battlefront: Frontline, Dustin Faulkner discusses the documentary Absolute Truth released by Mike Lindell, Brannon Howse, and Mary Fanning with research by Alan Jones. What are some of the problems this reveals? Did this prove ultimately the election was stolen? Dustin tells you what is the truth in...

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California’s dystopian Daily Pass: ‘They want kids masked, barcoded and brainwashed’

For years, conspiracy theorists have warned that governments will implement draconian mandates to prohibit access to services like travel, commerce, and education. Covid-19 has given cover to those ready to usher in their authoritarian dreams as the sheep flock to support the cause. This is why they're pushing fear. This is why how they achieve their goals. Case-in-point:...

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Alleged President Joe Biden protects illegal alien sex offenders

Subscribe to Let's Talk Right Now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Operation Talon was created under the Donald Trump administration that targeted sex offenders and pedophiles for deportation. During his first weeks in the White House, Alleged President Joe Biden cancelled this operation, providing cover for the worst of the worst among illegal immigrants, endangering the lives of...

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Bill Federer: The Capitol Riots may have been an Alinsky-esque setup by the Left

Subscribe to Freedom One-on-One on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. For many Conservatives, the events of January 6th didn’t pass the smell test. Something seemed off. Think about it: There had been hundreds of humungous MAGA rallies, if not thousands, all across the country that were 100% peaceful. Not rioting. No looting. No issues with police. No...

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It’s clear that the Impeachment Trial is about indicting all Trump supporters as violent extremists…

Subscribe to Let's Talk Right Now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. The impeachment trial of Donald Trump in the Senate is not actually about impeaching President Trump. It's really about condemning his supporters, painting us all as violent extremists. You would think that the House Impeachment Managers would be focusing solely on the events that happened at the...

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If President Donald Trump had not won the 2020 Election, the Dems wouldn’t be impeaching him

Subscribe to Let's Talk Right Now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Today is first day of Donald Trump's impeachment trial, and we are witnessing the House Impeachment Managers present their case claiming that he directly incited the Washington DC Capitol Riots which allegedly led to the deaths of seven American lives. On a side not, that is ignoring...

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