Conspiracy Theory

DHS Goes Full-Orwell, Seeks Biometric and ‘Psychosocial Information’ Tracking for All Government Employees

A story crossed my desk this morning from Just The News that seemed interesting on the surface. When I dug deeper I realized just how close to George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four Big Brother system the Department of Homeland Security is becoming. First, here's the seemingly innocuous report from JTN with highlights of the important parts added: The U.S....

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Clay Clark: America is Facing the Final Steps Toward the Great Reset

The southern border of the United States has the floodgates open to the illegal immigration siege. Migrants, including Latin American Haitians and Middle Eastern foes, flood into the state of Texas without even a thought of halt from the Biden dictatorship. After a lockdown worldwide to change the landscape using a Chinese bioweapon the current administration by fiat...

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