Conspiracy Theory

Why The “New World Order” Is Impossible to Implement Without Creating Mass Chaos

The events of the last few years have resurrected a recurring worry among people mindful of their liberty, property, and personal dignity. This worry centers around the prospects of the emergence of the notorious “new world order,” a worldwide totalitarian plot hatched by globalist “elites” intent on destroying the surviving remains of free speech, free enterprise, and free...

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Prepare for Civil War

Let me state up front that I am not CALLING for civil war in this article or on the latest episode of The JD Rucker Show. I simply think it is unavoidable at this stage in American history so regardless of where any individual stands on the topic, they need to be prepared for what's to come. Raiding...

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Clay Clark Explains How the Planned Monkeypox Plandemic Fits Into the Globalist Agenda to Conquer the World

At this point it should sound like a broken record that the covid-19 “pandemic” was actually a plandemic created and instituted by the globalist elites that are doing everything within their power to usher in The Great Reset. I’ve said this so many times it just rolls off the tongue now. Now that we have the latest monkeypox...

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Mindy Robinson: Is the White House Using A Deep Fake to Coverup Just How Far Gone Joe Biden Is?

Mindy Robinson recently launched a new series called Conspiracy Theory Corner, and her first episode tackled the apparent Deep Fake that the White House used during Joe Biden’s speech the other day. The episode is titled “Will the Real Joe Biden Please Stand Up.” We recorded an impromptu episode of The Jeff Dornik Show because she wanted my...

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Occult Totalitarianism: How Today’s Would-Be Tyrants Are Very Different From Hitler Et Al.

Oc·cult (adjective)  1. supernatural or magic, 2. not understandable, 3. secret, 4. hidden, 5. difficult to see. All five of these definitions could describe the totalitarianism this article addresses, but I was thinking definitions 4 and 5 were the most accurate…and maybe a bit of 3 considering one of the hallmarks of the massive world effort toward central...

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Orwellian Gates/Soros-Funded Think Tank Is Targeting and Monitoring Irish Citizens Who Speak out for Freedom

The West’s Awake wrote an eye-opening article detailing the near granular online surveillance of Irish citizens who dare to challenge the official narrative.  The monitoring and surveillance, including keeping a record of individual tweets and Telegram posts, is being conducted by the London-based think tank Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) which targets individuals who speak against their chosen narrative. ISD is also...

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DNA Collected From Test Kits Likely Being Used to Make Targeted Bioweapons

There are two general rules that should be considered before reading the story below. First, any time our government comes out with some seemingly off-the-wall warning, it's because they know whatever they're warning about is already happening. Second, Alex Jones and other "conspiracy theorists" have been proven right... again. When news broke this weekend that a Democrat and...

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‘Paving a Digital Road to Hell’: Digital ID Systems Could Lead to Severe, Irreversible Human Rights Violations

The authors of a new report on digital identity systems warned “the actual and potential” human rights violations arising from the digital ID model can be “severe and potentially irreversible.” The 100-page report — “Paving the Road to Hell? A Primer on the Role of the World Bank and Global Networks in Promoting Digital ID” — published by New York University’s (NYU) Center...

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