Is the Stage Being Set for the Global Food Crisis Prophecy of Revelation 6:6?

(The Economic Collapse Blog)—Will we soon see a major prophecy in the Book of Revelation be fulfilled?  Global food prices have been skyrocketing and hunger has been spreading like wildfire all over the world.  We desperately need 2024 to be a year of good harvests, but unfortunately weather patterns are not cooperating at all and bad news about harvest...

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Bishop Robert E. Smith Calls for Nationwide Revival Against Satanic Government Overreach

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. On a recent thought-provoking episode of Two Mikes with Dr. Michael Scheuer and Col. Mike, Bishop Robert E. Smith Jr. from Little Rock, Arkansas, delivered a powerful message concerning the spiritual and civic crisis facing America today. The Bishop unequivocally stated that the root...

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The Stupidity of ‘Culturally Christian’ Richard Dawkins

Read Hanne's The Herland Report. (WND)—Dr. Richard Dawkins has spent his life tearing down the belief in the cultural Christian values that have been the pillars of strength in Western civilization. He has been one of those white male, atheist fundamentalist intellectuals who have – with remarkable passion – belittled and rampantly attacked Christianity and its reverence of God in...

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Parler’s Revival: The Return of the Titan or Just Another Flop?

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. In a whirlwind of conspiracy theories and social media sagas, Matt Couch and Jeff Dornik, hosts of the explosive Sunrise Statesmen podcast, delved into the heart of the matter in their latest episode. With no holds barred, they dissected the resurrection of Parler, once...

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Did a Woman Manifest a Demon While Pastor J.D. Farag Was Preaching a Sermon About the End Times and the Great American Eclipse of 2024?

(End of the American Dream)—I have never been afraid of controversial topics, and I am going to address one today.  An incredibly shocking video that has gone viral on social media has been brought to my attention, and I think that someone needs to write about what happened.  I went to Google News and did a search for...

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