Canada sends over 200 federal police officers to ‘guard’ church shut down for Covid violations

When GraceLife Church near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was fenced off on Wednesday for violating Covid rules, it was assumed there would be protesters coming out on the first Sunday since the closure. Knowing this, the Canadian government took no chances. They sent over 200 officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to "guard" the church from... something.

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China detaining, torturing Christians until they denounce their faith: Report

A new report demonstrates what anecdotal stories have been telling us for years. The Chinese Communist Party is actively cracking down on Christians, detaining them and attempting to force them to denounce their faith in exchange for freedom. This is happening in secret facilities away from everyone, including state-run media. This is an important distinction from other, more...

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‘Reverend’ Raphael Warnock’s Easter message: ‘we are able to save ourselves’

Which is worse? Having a sitting United States Senator post a blasphemous message on Easter or that same Senator claiming to be a reverend? Both notions leave a bad taste in the mouths of the faithful following Raphael Warnock's anti-Biblical, anti-Christian message on Twitter. "The meaning of Easter is more transcendent than the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Whether...

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The pietism of Conservative Evangelical Leaders led to the Leftist overthrow of our country

Far too many pastors have enabled the Left to hijack the church for their sinister plot to conquer America through a wrong interpretation of Romans 13. By manipulating this passage, they’ve been able to enforce a form of pietism within the mainstream Evangelical Church that has essentially called off Christians from engaging in the culture war or in...

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