Dr Lawrence Sellin: Chinese Operatives Working Within U.S. Government to Implement Planned Takeover

Today, The Two Mikes spoke again today with Dr. Lawrence Sellin about his recent article on how thoroughly infiltrated the U.S. government, U.S. universities, U.S. businesses, and the pharmaceutical and medical establishments are by the Chinese Communist Party (CPP) and the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA). Dr. Sellin described this situation as having yielded an environment the Chinese regime...

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Prominent Chinese Scholar Describes the Taliban as Afghanistan’s ‘People’s Liberation Army’

A professor with close ties to the Chinese regime has recently drawn controversy after describing the Taliban as Afghanistan’s own “People’s Liberation Army” (PLA), the official name of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) military forces. Article by Terri Wu from our news partners at The Epoch Times. In a video on Aug. 3, Wang Yiwei, an international relations...

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China Pressured WHO Team to Dismiss Lab-Leak Theory, Claims Chief Investigator

A World Health Organization (WHO) mission to study the COVID pandemic’s origins in China, which announced in February that the possibility that the virus had escaped from a laboratory needed no further investigation, was put under pressure by Chinese scientists who made up half the team to reach that conclusion, the scientist who led the mission has said. Peter Ben Embarek, who...

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Dr Lawrence Sellin: China Intentionally Infected Participants in the Military World Games in Wuhan with COVID-19

Today, The Two Mikes spoke to Dr. Lawrence Sellin, an expert On China and its CCP regime about Covid. Dr. Sellin recently retired from a career in international business and medical research, which was preceded by a 29-year career in the U.S. Army, including tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Two Mikes mostly listened as Dr. Sellin related...

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The Involution Revolution

In China, the pressure to outcompete others begins at an early age. From securing a place at a bilingual kindergarten, getting into a "key school" and then an elite university, to landing a job that pays well enough to afford a comfortable life in the city. A lot of young people in China are wondering these days if...

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Dr Fauci is Willing to Risk Lying to Congress to Protect Himself From the Punishment for his Criminal Involvement in COVID-19

It’s clear for any sane observer to see that Dr Anthony Fauci is covering up the truth regarding COVID-19. He’s been all over the place, never providing any actual science or data to support his wild and ever-changing claims regarding this “pandemic.” Congress and the Mainstream Media, for the most part, has not fulfilled its job in oversight...

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