Battlefront: Frontline

Democrats Throw Citizens Under the Bus with RINOs | Dr. Sherwood, Sylvia Beachy, KK Emmett

As Manchin and other RINO candidates like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham make globalist back door deals to revive Build Back Better, the nation is groomed for further crises by globalist and Marxist powers. Dr. Deborah Birx admits further that vaccinations do not work while pushing a theraflu-like pill for Covid. The nation faces devastating consequences of collapse....

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As the Border Surges Americans Face the Future of Foodless | Pastor Leon Benjamin | In the Mouth of Madness

As wind turbines fail, the heat continues to rise in America. Blackouts are occurring. Water rationing occurs in areas where it's never happening. The supply chain crisis is picking up steam. Now, the food shortage is becoming more apparent as we near an economic collapse never seen in the U.S. How is the Biden administration and world powers...

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Abortionists and Vaccinators Have Opened the Gates of Oppression For the United States | Cindy Collins, Luana Stoltenberg, Dr. Mark Sherwood

The abortion debate continues to give problems to the nation as the globalist and Marxist cabal of Biden seeks to oppress the states once again through lawmaking. Dustin Faulkner brings two women, both part of the overturn of Roe v Wade through Amicus Briefs filed by Allan Parker. Through the eyes of the victims of abortion, Dustin brings...

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Dr Mark Sherwood: The Establishment is Seizing the Red Wave Through Pay-to-Play Endorsements

Frontline celebrates Independence Day and gets down to the facts of the American landscape of events. Dustin Faulkner and Dr. Mark Sherwood break down the Oklahoma Primaries. Much is revealed and they take President Trump to the forefront and present whether he truly represents America first or himself. Is there hope for Trump or must the movement turn...

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Bodily Autonomy Leftists Lose Control and Attack America for Abortion Laws featuring Pastor Sam Jones

Following the ruling by the Supreme Court of the United Sates that sent abortion rulings back to the states, unhinged leftist groups protested across the country for the supposed right to infanticide. Groups defaced buildings of pregnancy centers and also pro-abortion facilities in order to ignite fear into their opponents. A new Rasmussen poll reveals that half of...

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Deceptive Americans and UN Leftists Use Courts to Steal Children and Adults

Everyone remembers the 90s when across America parents were being falsely accused of criminal activity toward children. Under the Clintons' adherence to the UN Rights to the Child, parental rights were being stripped away. Today the court system is largely profitable with lawfare and that includes the system being used to take children away from parents. The foster...

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Our Constitutional Protections are Being Taken for Granted and Seized in America

Since the massacre in Uvalde an eruption of demands for deleting the #2A have been issued. Through grandstanding politicians and lackluster Biden speeches calls for restructuring the second amendment have been given. Meetings in congress and backdoor deals have led to capitulation by Republicans to enact measures to take away arms from the people with clever euphemisms such...

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