Lt Gen Thomas McInerney: The Covid Jab and Boosters Contain Mind-Controlling Nanotechnology

Today, The Two Mikes discussed the dire, near-term danger by which the republic is now confronted. Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney (ret'd) explained that the United States is now under massive cyber and biological attack by Communist Chinese regime and their allies in the Democratic Party, the media, Big Banking and Business, and a substantial part of the U.S....

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Dr Lawrence Sellin: America is Under the Dictatorial Control of a Transcendent Ruling Class

Today, The Two Mikes again interviewed Dr. Lawrence Sellin, a retired U.S. Army Colonel and a brilliant and incisive political and foreign policy essayist. Dr. Sellin’s latest article is called “America Must Decide. Will it be a Constitutional Republic or a One-Party Totalitarian State”. The article makes it clear that America is facing a threat that must be...

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Mindy Robinson: The Globalists are Trying to Reset Us… Why Can’t We Reset Them?

While the Leftist Mainstream Media label people like Mindy Robinson and I as “Conspiracy Theorists”, we tend to view ourselves as Conspiracy Analysts. As my good friend Dr Mike Spaulding says, a conspiracy is nothing more than sinister behavior done in secret. We should be analyzing current events, taking a look at what’s going on and whether there...

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Ed Haugland: Manchurian-President Biden is Following Lenin’s Prescription to End America

Today, The Two Mikes hosted Mr. Ed Haugland, a foreign policy/national security analyst who had a distinguished 30-plus-year career in the U.S. Intelligence Community -- including multiple senior positions -- and is now a private contractor. Colonel Mike found an essay about Biden by Mr. Haugland on the internet called "the Manchurian President" (see citation below), which opened...

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Dr Vladimir Zelenko: Covid Is A BioWeapon, The Poison Death Shot Is Premeditated Mass Murder And We’re In World War III

Covid-19 was not an accident. The supposed “vaccines” are more dangerous than the virus it’s claimed to treat. Both are being used by the powers-that-be for sinister reasons. These are all facts that would get someone labeled a conspiracy theorist. However, when these facts are true, we become conspiracy analysts. Dr Vladimir Zelenko is a doctor who has...

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Dr Mark McDonald: How to Survive the Global Sadistic and Genocidal Medical Society Created by the US Government

Today The Two Mikes had the singular good fortune to speak with Dr. Mark McDonald, a California-based psychiatrist who specializes in treating youngsters and adolescents. Dr. McDonald spoke very eloquently about the intentional mental health disaster that is occurring in America because of the isolation, fear, and despair produced among young people by the wildly unnecessary terrorization caused...

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