Climate Change

The Vicious Agenda of the Climate Change Cabal

Last month’s United Nations climate conference in Egypt was a dreary affair. Dubbed “COP27”—the 27th of these increasingly tiresome extravaganzas—the 2022 gathering was the same old same old with a few new wrinkles. There was the customary ideological fanaticism—the insistence that we radically retool our societies on the basis of computer models that don’t come close to matching climate...

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Geoengineering Scheme Launched to Dim the Sun, Pollute the Skies, and Freeze Earth’s Ocean Water

A climate cult company called “Make Sunsets” wants virtue signaling companies to pay it to pollute the skies and dim the sun, cooling planet Earth and causing ocean levels to plummet as the world’s life-giving water is locked up in ice. The company’s CEO is literally named “Iseman” (Iceman) like some sort of globalist villain out of a...

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Dr Cal Beisner: Climate Change Activists’ War Against Nitros Oxide Is A Threat To Our Global Food Supply

Dr Cal Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss the insanity of the climate change activists. If they succeed in winning their war against nitros oxide, we're going to see famine and starvation unlike anything we've seen in our lifetime. The reality is that the...

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Queen Elizabeth II is Gone, Now Globalist Powers Will Move Faster in UK and World

Queen Elizabeth II is Gone, Now Globalist Powers Will Move Faster in UK and World

Two tragedies have gripped Tennessee. One early released criminal kidnaps an heiress to a fortune and murders her. Another rampages through Memphis livestreaming on Facebook while shooting people randomly, killing four. This consequence is common to many states in the nation and presents a real-time problem for the United States. Dustin Faulkner discusses the RINO and Progressive ideals...

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Dr. Jay Lehr: Man Has No Impact On The World’s Climate And Those Who Claim The Contrary

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Dr. Jay Lehr, who is one of Americas' foremost experts on climate matters. Our interview ran a bit longer than our norm, so the following are some points of interest made by Dr. Lehr, of which there were many. --Carbon Dioxide has absolutely "zero" negative impact on the climate. Those who talk about either Carbon Dioxide...

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