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Dr Cal Beisner: Elitists Have Weaponized Climate Change Against the Working Class

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. In a recent electrifying episode of Battlefront: Frontline, hosted by the fiery Dustin Faulkner, renowned climate skeptic Dr. Cal Beisner unleashed a barrage of truth bombs, revealing how elitists have shamelessly weaponized climate change against the hardworking men and women of our nation. Dr....

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Green Globalist Disaster: E-Bikes Caused Record Fires, Injuries, and Deaths Last Year In NYC

(Zero Hedge)—Electric bicycles were responsible for a record number of fires, injuries and deaths in New York City last year. In total, e-bikes caused 267 fires, causing 18 deaths and 150 injuries in the city, the New York Fire Department (FDNY) told Fox News, which notes that the figures represent the highest levels of each statistic - with deaths jumping 200% and fires increasing...

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German Economy Collapsing After Nation Abandoned Nuclear Energy – Prices Soar, Industries Implode

(Natural News)—Did you know that electricity prices in Germany are triple the cost of electricity here in the United States, all due to Germany's "green" energy policies? In recent years, Germany has been phasing out coal and nuclear energy in a way that has been described in German media as "not well coordinated with the European Union." As a...

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Why Governments Have Replaced God With Global Warming

For millennia, monarchs ruled by some form of divine right.  If not asserting god-like powers, they claimed to be acting as God’s emissaries here on Earth.  You can imagine the effect this had on devout peoples of any faith.  How could the great unwashed masses dare question any royal’s divinely inspired orders?  This paradigm kept government authorities towering over those they ruled....

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18 Reasons Why You Really Need an Electric Car

(The Epoch Times)—In the world of electric vehicles, where the allure of green technology meets the practicality of everyday life, there are those who embrace the electric revolution with a unique flair. Enter the unapologetic connoisseur of contradictions, the embodiment of the unexpected, the aficionado of electric eccentricities, and a character worthy of exploration. Here are 18 reasons...

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Washington Post Runs Piece Criticizing Nobel Prize Winner Who Strays From Climate Orthodoxy

(Daily Caller)—The Washington Post published a piece on Thursday critical of a Nobel laureate scientist, quoting the criticisms of a scientist who has erroneously suggested that he is a Nobel Prize winner. In its story, the Post quotes Michael Mann, a climate scientist who currently serves as the director of the Center for Science, Sustainability and the Media at the...

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Automaker Bigwigs Finally Admit EV Sales Are in Jeopardy

(Natural News)—Earlier in October, several car manufacturer executives acknowledged that their ambitious electric vehicle (EV) plans are in jeopardy, at least in the near term, Business Insider reported. Dealers have been warning of slowing EV demand, growing inventory and dropping sales for months. Several of the auto bigwigs at some of the biggest carmakers expressed discomfort about the "robocars" market's...

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The Bizarre History of Nazi Climate Change Propaganda

(Daily Skeptic)—Although we generally think of climate change hysteria as a quintessentially modern phenomenon, this is not in fact the case. Arrogant, dictatorial, totalitarian political elites have been in love with the same basic idea before – the Nazi Party, for instance. It has largely been forgotten today, but, as I discovered when writing my new book Hitler’s &...

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