Climate Change

Dr Patrick Moore: The Left’s Attempt to Lower CO2 Levels Will Result in Mass Starvation

Today, The Two Mikes enthusiastically hosted Professor Patrick Moore for a discussion of the world-wrecking delusion championed by the advocates of the "climate change crisis". This was our second session with Dr. Moore and he again presented a compelling argument that there is no climate crisis at hand, and that the so-called "science" that backs-up the crisis-ites' arguments...

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WV State Treasurer Riley Moore Threatens to Withdraw State Funds From Big Banks Over Discrimination Against Oil, Gas and Coal Companies

Today, The Two Mikes hosted West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore and discussed the action against "woke capitalism" that he and 16 other state treasurers are taking to stop the big banks from discriminating against companies in the energy industry. Apparently as part of the Biden/Democrat climate hoax, several of the largest banks want  oil, gas, and coal...

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Flat Earther David Weiss: The Truth About UFOs… They Aren’t From Another Planet

For the last few years, Conservatives have been labeled conspiracy theorists. We claim the election was stolen using Dominion Voting Systems and stuffing paper ballots printed on printer paper, the response from the Left is that this nothing more than a wild conspiracy theory. If we talk about COVID-19 being created in the Wuhan Lab which was funded...

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Energy Choice: Ron DeSantis Bans Florida Cities from Banning Fossil Fuels

As the radical left pushes energy restrictions that force climate change hysteria onto consumers, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill preventing cities from banning fossil fuel usage. Predictably, progressives are beside themselves blaming him for destroying the world within the next five years or so when the long-predicted climate apocalypse (this latest one, at least) is supposed...

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Climate Models: Worse Than Nothing?

When the history of climate modeling comes to be written in some distant future, the major story may well be how the easy, computable answer turned out to be the wrong one, resulting in overestimated warming and false scares from the enhanced (man-made) greenhouse effect. Meanwhile, empirical and theoretical evidence is mounting toward this game-changing verdict despite the...

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Judge Preserves America’s Energy Independence and Saves Joe Biden from His Own Idiotic Energy Policy

The worst possible scenario for Joe Biden and the Democrats, not to mention the United States itself, was staved temporarily as a federal judge has issued an injunction on White House attempts to curtail offshore drilling. The move will be panned by mainstream media and their Democrat puppet masters, but quietly they're all breathing a sigh of relief...

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Greenpeace Cofounder Dr. Patrick Moore: You Can’t Make Good Decisions on Bad Science

Today, The Two Mikes had the good fortune to talk with Dr. Patrick Moore, Ph.D (Resource Ecology). For more than a half-century, Dr. Moore has pursued a career involving study of the environment, the location, use, and responsible care of expended resources. He was also a Founder of the Greenpeace organization. He remained connected to the organization until...

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Shipping Industry Turns Its Eyes to Hydrogen to Replace Carbon-Rich Bunker Fuel

The shipping industry produces about three percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to carbon dioxide-rich bunker fuel. However, the recent push toward zero emissions has prompted shipping lines to look for greener alternatives to power their vessels. Industry experts have eyed hydrogen as a response to this challenge. Article by Ramon Tomey from Natural News. Currently, hydrogen-powered vessels are...

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