America, formerly the home of the free… but at least there’s still a few brave

For years, when other governments persecuted their own citizens for violating the rights that Americans believed are given to us by God, such as our freedom of speech, religion or to peaceably assembly, we would point out the contrast because our Constitutional Rights and their tyrannical oppression. It was an easy point to make: America is the greatest...

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Free people require free movement

Vaccine passports” are the latest in a long line of unusual terms we’ve all become familiar with over the past year. Article by Hannah Cox from FEE. The Washington Post reports the Biden Administration is working to coordinate a national program that would require citizens to show proof of their vaccine status in order to travel or enter public places,...

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The conservative case for cryptocurrency

If you listen to defenders of the US dollar, you might get the idea that cryptocurrencies are only good for funding terrorism and hard drugs. And when you consider that cryptocurrencies represent a pretty clear break with tradition, a conservative might be inclined to stick with what’s familiar. Article by Max Borders from FEE. That’s understandable. One of...

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