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Ludicrous: Corporate Media Outlet Reports on Increase in Fatal Heart Disease in Young People, Then Recommends GETTING VAXXED

One of the ways The Liberty Daily is able to discover important news ahead of conservative sites and other aggregators is that we comb through local news outlets constantly. The stories you'll see on Fox News or Daily Wire next week are often found in the hundreds of local news channels and newspapers today. Unfortunately, local news is...

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Steven Crowder vs The Daily Wire: How This Affects the Conservative Movement

The dustup between The Daily Wire and Steven Crowder has gotten nasty, resulting in severed friendships and conflicts over tens of millions of dollars. However, as Jeff Dornik explains in this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, there’s more to the story with massive implications for the future of the Conservative Movement. Here’s my article from Substack that...

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Lt Gen Thomas McInerney: Elon Musk is a Contemporary Paul Revere

Lt Gen Thomas McInerney: Elon Musk is a Contemporary Paul Revere

Lt. Gen. General Thomas (ret'd) talked to The Two Mikes today on several issues. Perhaps most important, he reported that the Republicans won five additional Senate seats in the midterms, those in Nevada, Arizona, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. The Democrats stole the seats by cyber transfers of hundreds of thousands of votes from the winning candidates to Democrat candidates who...

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Do We Need MORE Conservative Media to Counter the RINO Shills?

How many conservative Americans are still watching Sean Hannity thinking that he represents them? It's shocking that he and other Fox News hosts still have such large audiences considering they are, at best, controlled opposition. Outside of Tucker Carlson, the personalities at Fox News rate somewhere on the "RINO Shill" scale ranging from full-blown Uniparty Swamp spokespersons like...

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They’re Getting DESPERATE as Mass Awakening Accelerates — Todd Callender Interview

As the evil individuals behind the great reset and the world economic forum continue to undermine basic human rights, Mr. Seth Holehouse of Man in America has attorney Todd Callender on his show to demonstrate the everyday evils they perpetuate against the average American! As their global efforts continue to fail us every day, the masses in America...

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