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Smelling Salts From John B Wells: The Media Is Without Question The Republic’s Enemy

John B. Wells, host of the nationally syndicated radio program Caravan to Midnight, joined The Two Mikes this afternoon to discuss the republic's growing Democrats-caused and Republican-supported miseries. "The media is without question the republic's enemy ... they are not journalists, they are script readers." Mr. Wells was unsure whether the country can do anything to stop Biden and the Globalists'...

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Democrats Throw Citizens Under the Bus with RINOs | Dr. Sherwood, Sylvia Beachy, KK Emmett

As Manchin and other RINO candidates like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham make globalist back door deals to revive Build Back Better, the nation is groomed for further crises by globalist and Marxist powers. Dr. Deborah Birx admits further that vaccinations do not work while pushing a theraflu-like pill for Covid. The nation faces devastating consequences of collapse....

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Leftwing Propagandist Ben Smith Tries to Ambush Tucker Carlson During “Interview” and Quickly Learns He Made a Terrible Mistake

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When radical leftists go after conservatives or populists, their go-to attack is "RACIST!!!" Their actual ideas fail miserably 100% of the time, so they go with gaslighting and false labels as their preferred weapons. Former NY Times columnist Ben Smith thought it was a good idea...

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