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Who Checks the Fact Checkers? Someone sent me a clip of an influential Democrat claiming that Republicans were behind the "Defund the Police" movement. For those in the know, it was a HUGE lie that should have been reported on ad nauseum and debunked by fact checkers. However, the tepid rebuke was slow in coming. It made me wonder, who are the...

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Media Scrambles to Explain Away Concerns About Disturbing Israel ‘Vaccine’ Efficacy Numbers

A report was released by Ynet today indicating 55% of new Covid-19 cases are among "vaccinated" Israelis. Considering that 55% of the population has been fully "vaccinated," one could easily draw the conclusion that these "vaccines" aren't really doing what governments, media, and doctors claimed they would do. That hasn't stopped American mainstream media from trying to stave...

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Relentless Media Gaslighting: The Guardian’s Ludicrous Justification for Rising Covid Deaths Among the ‘Vaccinated’

There is no shame among the propagandists for Covid-19 "vaccines." It doesn't matter that Covid-attributed deaths are higher among those who have been vaccinated compared to those who have not. The propagandists' assigned mission is to get as many people "vaccinated" as possible, so when the statistics defy that narrative, it's mainstream media's job to devise the most...

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