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Alleged President Joe Biden protects illegal alien sex offenders

Subscribe to Let's Talk Right Now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Operation Talon was created under the Donald Trump administration that targeted sex offenders and pedophiles for deportation. During his first weeks in the White House, Alleged President Joe Biden cancelled this operation, providing cover for the worst of the worst among illegal immigrants, endangering the lives of...

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Ex-Capitol Police Chief: We had intel Antifa would be at Capitol riots. Mainstream media: That’s debunked.

Mainstream media and Democratic politicians have a narrative to maintain. They do not want you to know that Antifa was present at the Capitol riots and were involved in sparking the storming of the Capitol Building. Even after ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund admitted it to be true, both mainstream media and Democrats are busy calling it a...

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Bill Federer: The Capitol Riots may have been an Alinsky-esque setup by the Left

Subscribe to Freedom One-on-One on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. For many Conservatives, the events of January 6th didn’t pass the smell test. Something seemed off. Think about it: There had been hundreds of humungous MAGA rallies, if not thousands, all across the country that were 100% peaceful. Not rioting. No looting. No issues with police. No...

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Is Lin Wood taking crazy pills or did he just expose the Deep State’s blackmail scheme involving child rape & murder?

Subscribe to Let's Talk Right Now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Lin Wood has been making a lot of accusation against prominent politicians and leaders... and not just regarding the election. We are talking Voter Fraud, Dominion Voting Systems, Jeffrey Epstein, Sex Trafficking, Mike Pence, Chief Justice John Roberts and more. Most are calling him crazy and nothing...

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