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Stunning Videos Show Dystopian Scene From Constant Train Burglaries in Democrat Hellhole Los Angeles

Crime in Los Angeles has turned the once-thriving city into a hellhole. It isn't just the sharp rise in violent crimes that has citizens leaving in droves. It's the property crime that generally goes unpunished by "woke" city officials and a district attorney's office that is the pride and joy of George Soros. CBS LA photojournalist John Schreiber...

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Antifa Terrorist Brought a Bomb to an Oath Keepers’ Rally on Jan 6 Anniversary and Corporate Media Yawned

Mainstream media is funny. They no longer attempt to hide their bias. As news unfolds, they turn the knobs of their "suppress" and "amplify" controls used to determine which "truths" they're going to distort on any given day. When it comes to crimes, particularly terrorism, they have a simple rule. If the intended targets are patriots, the story...

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Cara Castronuova: The Democrats, Their Terrorist Groups And The FBI Staged The False Flag Event on January 6th

Today, The Two Mikes again discussed the continuing and unconstitutional incarceration of 6 January 2021 demonstrators with Cara Castronuova, the leader of a growing organization named Citizens Against Political Persecution (CAPP). Ms. Castronuova explained that there has been no improvement in the treatment of the political prisoners, with the solitary confinement, filthy conditions, and physical abuse remaining the...

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Alec Baldwin Tries to Make People Forget His Victim, Halyna Hutchins, by Going Vaxx-Nanny for Christmas

Alec Baldwin is a free man on Christmas despite killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza. There are reports that he's being investigated but let's not get delusional in expecting that the member of Hollywood royalty will ever see a jail cell. He's not Kim Potter, after all, who was wrongly convicted this week. Baldwin took...

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Three ‘What Ifs’ We’re Not Supposed to Ask

Counterfactuals, like "conspiracy theories," are frowned upon by those who look guilty when they are posed.  Here are three to chew on during the holidays: (1) What if it turns out that the gene therapies marketed as "vaccines" by pharmaceutical companies end up causing more harm than good?  What if it becomes obvious that more children die from government-ordered injections than would...

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