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Deceptive Americans and UN Leftists Use Courts to Steal Children and Adults

Everyone remembers the 90s when across America parents were being falsely accused of criminal activity toward children. Under the Clintons' adherence to the UN Rights to the Child, parental rights were being stripped away. Today the court system is largely profitable with lawfare and that includes the system being used to take children away from parents. The foster...

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Our Constitutional Protections are Being Taken for Granted and Seized in America

Since the massacre in Uvalde an eruption of demands for deleting the #2A have been issued. Through grandstanding politicians and lackluster Biden speeches calls for restructuring the second amendment have been given. Meetings in congress and backdoor deals have led to capitulation by Republicans to enact measures to take away arms from the people with clever euphemisms such...

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Chris Cheng: ​Recall Elections & Concealed Carry Essential For Survival 

Chris Cheng from the Second Amendment Foundation's Board of Trustees, sat down with the Bill McIntosh Show to talk about the stunning recall of Democrat San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin, crushed in a recall election by angry voters a few days ago and the importance of constitutional carry. The recent news of the under reported mass shooting in Philadelphia...

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Images Show Seattle Dystopia as Criminals Dump Stolen Cars in Homeless Encampment

Democrat hellhole Seattle has been in a well-documented state of rapid decline as woke laws and progressive "leaders" prevent citizens and law enforcement from cleaning up the broken city. But as inundated as we've become with the effects of Democrat policies, it's still shocking to see how bad it really has gotten there. Journalist Jonathan Choe released images...

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Sheriff Richard Mack: Gun Free Zones are to Blame for School Shootings… Not the Second Amendment

Sheriff Richard Mack is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment. While the Alleged President Joe Biden is saying that the Second Amendment is not absolute, Sheriff Mack dives into the history of the Constitution and proves that the right to bear arms IS absolute. Sheriff Mack also has a unique perspective, as he’s worked in public schools...

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