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Nelson Balido: Texas Governor Greg Abbott Issues Executive Order that is a “Tactical Nightmare”

Nelson Balido, President of the Border, Commerce, and Security Council, reported that in the last hour or so Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order that forbids any person who is not a law-enforcement officer from moving illegal aliens by any means of transportation out of the state, or from place to place within Texas. Abbott's order,...

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Pastor Sam Jones: Involuntary Servitude – Now Available in Both Men’s and Women’s Sizes!

It has been weeks since the Cuban protestors stormed the streets of Havana with American flags. Roughly 500 of those protestors are currently missing from their friends and family. Supply chains in the US are continuing to find themselves thinning as materials and products are getting harder and harder to access for manufacturing. A Transgender is on the...

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Corrupt Parties Have Transformed Immigration Into a Delivery System of Unlimited, Cheap, Exploitable Labor

The NOQ REPORT News Update recently sat down with former U.S. immigration enforcement professional Michael Cutler who has testified to Congress numerous times, particularly after the 9/11 attacks. He has recognized immigration to the United States as a lethal trojan horse that threatens us daily and leaves us completely vulnerable to low wages, terrorist attacks, high crime and infectious...

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After a Rapper is Murdered Exiting a Chicago Jail, why are we Still Targeting Good Guys With Guns?

Dave Workman is a researcher about guns, violence and law abiding citizens stopping criminals with their firearms. Workman is co-author with Alan Gottlieb of the book GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS. He works with the Second Amendment Foundation and sat down with the NOQ Report News Update to discuss the  appalling murder of Chicago rapper KTS Dre, (Londre Sylvester) that occurred shortly after...

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Prosecutor Hid Investigation of Hunter Biden During Campaign

An investigative report from Politico reveals that a federal prosecutor investigating alleged crimes by Hunter Biden suppressed information about the case until after Joe Biden was elected last November. Article by Bob Unruh from WND. After the election, it was confirmed that Hunter Biden's taxes were being investigated. The report said, "Last summer, federal officials in Delaware investigating Hunter...

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Ex-CIA Dr Michael Scheuer Exposes the Shocking Truth About the Afghan War the US Never Intended to Win

Today, the Two Mikes spoke to one another about the farce that was and is the war in Afghanistan. The Afghan was never fought to preserve American liberties; the war only enabled the Bush, Obama, and Biden administrations to construct the citizenry's civil liberties. In addition, despite claims by presidents, senators, generals, and media commentators, there was never...

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Walkout-Leading Teacher, Once a Woke Hero in Public Education, Sentenced for Sexting Junior High Students

It has become more and more common in recent years for radical leftist icons leading thousands or even millions in protests against America to be eventually revealed as depraved criminals. Such is the case of a former Stillwater Junior High School history teacher and coach who organized and led the Oklahoma teacher walkout in 2018. According to the...

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