Cultural Marxism

5G Can Activate Bioweapons in our Bodies Through Graphene Oxide Carrier

Karlyn Borysenko and Ted Harvey join Dustin Faulkner on this episode of Battlefront: Frontline. The topics of discussion include: - Militant Socialists are Organized to Break Laws and Indoctrinate Children - 5G Can Activate Bioweapons in our Bodies Through Graphene Oxide Carrier - Politicians are Funneling Donations for Expensive Nepotism Beef prices skyrocketing? No worries! Get ahead of...

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Karlyn Borysenko Went Undercover at a Socialist Conference… What They Were Teaching Will Shock You

Karlyn Borysenko is one of those rare people that actually does investigative reporting. She’s one of the leaders in exposing Critical Race Theory being taught in schools and in Corporate America. She continually does what few are willing to do to expose just how insane the Woke Left truly is… and now she’s done it again. This time...

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Marketing Genital-Mutilating Surgery to Minors Is More Evil Than Advertising Cigarettes, Alcohol, or Prostitution

What if there was an advertisement on television advertising for penis enlargement surgery and it was aired during Saturday morning cartoons on a cartoon network all the kids watch? Or during that same kids' prime time on Disney network, they advertised the best kind of cigarettes to smoke, the way medical doctors advertised them less than a century...

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‘Absolutely Necessary’: Jordan Peterson Reveals ‘Plan’ to Expose Court-Ordered Media Sensitivity Training

A prominent Canadian psychologist revealed he plans to expose sensitivity training a court ordered him to undergo. A Canadian court upheld a ruling by the College of Psychologists of Ontario requiring Dr. Jordan B. Peterson to receive sensitivity training following an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast and comments he made on social media on transgenderism. Peterson posted on Twitter that he refused to comply with the...

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ACLU Sues Over State Law Barring Sex Change Surgery for Inmates

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sued Indiana on Monday over the state’s law passed in July 2023 that prevents sex-change surgery for inmates, according to the Associated Press. The ACLU filed a lawsuit against the Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC) on behalf of Jonathan C. Richardson, claiming that the state violated the 14th and Eighth Amendments by...

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10 Signs That U.S. Culture Is Being Turned Completely Upside Down

They wanted to fundamentally transform America, and they have succeeded.  So now instead of a “Leave It To Beaver” society, we have a society where literally anything goes.  Our families are disintegrating, traditional moral values have been completely discarded, our young people are running wild in the streets, crime is totally out of control, and our system of...

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‘Trans Widow’ Describes Harrowing Marriage With Ex-Husband Who Became ‘Fake Woman’

Warning: Graphic and offensive subject matter An interview with “trans widow” Tracy Shannon – whose ex-husband went from secretly cross-dressing in their home to openly “transitioning” to become what she calls a “fake woman” – offers a harrowing look into a marriage and family shattered by a man caught up in a transgender fantasy. The hour-and-a-half long interview...

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Best-Selling Britfield Author Chad Stewart: The Foundation is Shifting Underneath Hollywood and a Reckoning is Coming

Best-Selling Britfield Author Chad Stewart: The Foundation is Shifting Underneath Hollywood and a Reckoning is Coming

Chad Stewart joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss his youth fiction series Britfield, which has really taken hold among families around the world. This is evidence that people are starving for good story-telling with traditional values, as opposed to the woke garbage filling school libraries and Hollywood movies. During this conversation, Stewart shares his...

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