Cultural Marxism

‘Domestic Terrorist’ Label Is a Boogeyman to Stifle Opposition of Tyranny

 It was just a couple of months ago that the "scare label" preferred by radical leftists when talking about conservative Americans was "white supremacist." They applied it pretty much universally regardless of the skin color of the person they were attacking. Anyone who believed in the America First agenda, freedom, or limited government MUST be a "white...

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Maura Moynihan: The Democrats Have Been Intentionally Destroying Black Family Life For More Than 50 Years

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Ms. Maura Moynihan, the daughter of the late U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and renowned journalist and a leading South Asia commentator in her own right. Our conversation was a long and interesting one and will be published into two installments. Ms. Moynihan provided an especially interesting explanation of the regional importance...

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Clay Clark: America is Facing the Final Steps Toward the Great Reset

The southern border of the United States has the floodgates open to the illegal immigration siege. Migrants, including Latin American Haitians and Middle Eastern foes, flood into the state of Texas without even a thought of halt from the Biden dictatorship. After a lockdown worldwide to change the landscape using a Chinese bioweapon the current administration by fiat...

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Netflix Takes ‘My Little Pony’ Down the Woke Trail of Cultural Marxism and Critical Race Theory

Children's shows have always been a tool for indoctrination. There was a time when they were used to instill certain mindsets that were relatively harmless, but over the last decade or so they have turned into perverse drivers of anti-American, anti-Biblical sentiment. Then, there are the social justice warriors among the indoctrinators that attempt to paint society as...

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The Final Agitation

Treasonous General Milley is elevated to the spotlight after revelations alleged in Woodward and Costa's book details his call with China and promises made to betray President Trump. Yet this is only the small amount given to what is really going on in the U.S. Our country quickly falls to more tyranny by medical personnel and bureaucrats. The...

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Communist Party USA Coins a New Orwellian Term for Cancel Culture

Leftists have always used language to advance their agenda. The far-left radicals of the progressive movement have become masters of language manipulation, and generally speaking those on the conservative side tend to play defense. But he who controls the language controls the direction of the conversation, which is why the right is always stuck chasing after it. When...

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Mary Fanning: The Democrat Party has Taken America Near the Brink of Its Death

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Mary Fanning from the American Report. Ms. Fanning provided comments on a wide-range of issues, including election rigging and the audits thereof; the growing foreign control of American sea ports, a program that was started by the Obama/Biden regime and has resumed under the Biden catastrophe; and the growing threat to the republic...

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