Cultural Marxism

Pastor Sam Jones: Involuntary Servitude – Now Available in Both Men’s and Women’s Sizes!

It has been weeks since the Cuban protestors stormed the streets of Havana with American flags. Roughly 500 of those protestors are currently missing from their friends and family. Supply chains in the US are continuing to find themselves thinning as materials and products are getting harder and harder to access for manufacturing. A Transgender is on the...

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Ted Cruz on Biden Regime Pushing CRT: ‘They Claimed It Was an Error. I’ll Tell You What the Error Was…’

Joe Biden's Department of Education was busted giving guidance to our nation's public school system to embrace Critical Race Theory and teach it ubiquitously to students. When caught, they claimed it was an error. There was definitely an error that took place, and Senator Ted Cruz called it out. He's spot on. If it was never discovered...

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Court Reverses, Gives Christian Fired for Questioning Transgenderism Right to Appeal

A Christian school worker who was fired from her school after she expressed on Facebook social media pages her concerns about teaching transgenderism at her son's Church of England primary school has been given the right to appeal her case. Article by Bob Unruh from WND. Judges earlier claimed that her dismissal was because school officials serious thought...

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