Cultural Marxism

Trevor Loudon Exposes 30 Current Security Risk Senators with Marxist, Communist and Islamist Ties

Trevor Loudon Exposes 30 Current Security Risk Senators with Marxist, Communist and Islamist Ties

After exposing the Marxist infiltration into the Evangelical Church in the documentary Enemies Within The Church, Trevor Loudon has set his sights on exposing America’s Marxist Senators and Representatives with the new book Security Risk Senators Part 1 and Part 2. Loudon joined this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss just how deeply entrenched these traitorous...

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Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer Explains Why the Powers-That-Be are Pushing Transgenderism in Schools

Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer returns to The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss the globalist’s intentional and systematical dismantling of the American and Christian way of life. Their focus on brainwashing and gaslight kids in the education is especially sick, and there’s a specific reason they are forcing kids to question their sexuality and gender. It’s clear that this intentional...

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Welcome to the Maze

Welcome to the first episode of TODAY WITH KAY. This bi-weekly podcast is hosted by Kay Rubacek, an award-winning filmmaker, author, songwriter, and survivor of communism. New episodes will be released every Tuesday and Thursday. Kay Rubacek is an award-winning filmmaker, author and commentator fighting for human rights all over the world. After being detained in a Chinese...

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The Southern Baptist Upheaval

Bobby Lopez and David Bumgardner discuss the recent upheaval at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, the rise and fall of Adam Greenway, and what this all means. Watch the full episode on SPONSORS: Pre-order your copy of the upcoming book Cancel-Proof Christianity by Bobby Lopez using code BOBBY for 10% off at: Become a Freedom First TV...

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Fred Coulter: We Now Are Witnessing The Wokeness Of Satan’s Society

"We now are witnessing the wokeness of Satan's society," said Fred Coulter of the Christian Biblical Church of God in Hollister, CA.  The Two Mikes were lucky to again host Fred Coulter and we got a learned and much-needed presentation from this estimable pastor and gentlemen. "People are lost," he said, "and the world is getting worse by the second." And how can people...

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Kay Rubacek Warns What a Communist America Will Look Like if We Continue on the Current Trajectory

America is hurtling towards communism at full speed, with Joe Biden and whoever is pulling the strings behind him leading the charge. After the Alleged President’s extremely divisive speech last night, it’s clear that the powers-that-be are setting the stage for a full-on communist takeover of America. During today’s episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Kay Rubacek and...

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