Cultural Marxism

Pastor Cary Gordon Exposes The Sinister, Evil Plot to Send the Masses to Hell Through the Redefinition of Sin

Pastor Cary Gordon is the voice of the new documentary Enemies Within the Church, also produced by Judd Saul and Trevor Loudon. This is one of the most important Christian documentaries to ever be released, as it not only points out the dangers of the Marxist infiltration into the church, but exposes the false gospel they preach and...

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IBM, Which Helped Exterminate Jews in the Third Reich, Celebrates LGBT Genital Mutilation of Children

Just like pretty much every other Western multinational corporation in existence, IBM is celebrating Pride and everything it represents, including the transgender mutilation and pharmaceutical drugging of children. In a June 1 tweet, IBM announced that “We have #Pride in what defines us.” The technology corporation added that it “stands by those living boldly in the LGBTQ+ community.” “Join us during...

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Ex-Marine Jesse Kelly Reacts to How the Corps Is Embracing Pride Month

Patriots across the nation were appalled yesterday when the official Twitter account for the United States Marine Corps posted a woke declaration of their adherence to LGBTQIA+ supremacy, a common theme throughout the Biden-Harris regime. Conservative show host Jesse Kelly, a former Marine and congressional candidate, had some thoughts. Since every person on the planet is sending...

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Queer Non-Binary Indiana Teacher Makes the Latest Great Case for Getting Your Kids Out of Public School

There are certain drums we need to beat constantly until the message really gets out there. Even then, we need to keep beating it until the message sinks in. Today's drumbeat message is twofold: Get your kids out of public schools if you haven't already Help fight the radical indoctrination being perpetrated against kids who are stuck there...

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Teacher Brags About Many of Her Past Students Telling Her They’re Now “Queer” Like Her Because She’s Their “Safe Place”

This is disturbing. "My kids from last year are now in 5th grade and they come visit me almost everyday after school." she said. "And a lot of them are queer because I am queer and they figured it out, so I've become their safe place." Folks, get your kids out of public schools. Seriously. We cannot...

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Pennsylvania Teacher Suspended After Hosting Drag Show for Students Without Notifying Parents

Get your kids out of public schools if you can. Despite the massive pushback by parents against school boards across the country, "woke" teachers are continuing to push their Cultural Marxist ideas. Whether it's Critical Race Theory, LGBTQIA+ supremacy, or straight up Neo-Marxism, these "educators" are indoctrinating our kids any way they can. Here's the latest example:

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