Cultural Marxism

Huh? Glenn Youngkin, Who Won With Anti-CRT Support, Just Tapped an Education Secretary With CRT and Common Core Ties

Voters have been increasingly disappointed in betrayals from politicians they have supported. For example, I was blindsided yesterday by Senator Ted Cruz talking about January 6 as if he was a radical leftist Democrat propagandist. Usually, politicians wait until they're in office and have some months or even years under their belts before they break their promises and...

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CNN Declares Outdoor Activities Like Hiking, Biking, Fishing and Running to Be Racist Constructs

When everything is racist, then nothing is — and that’s a lesson the cultural Marxists running our ‘mainstream’ media outlets should have learned long ago. Take CNN for instance: Now, anything having to do with outdoor activity is a racist construct devised by white people to keep people of color down…or something like that. Newsbusters highlighted the lunacy: CNN’s Leah...

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Ed Haugland: Manchurian-President Biden is Following Lenin’s Prescription to End America

Today, The Two Mikes hosted Mr. Ed Haugland, a foreign policy/national security analyst who had a distinguished 30-plus-year career in the U.S. Intelligence Community -- including multiple senior positions -- and is now a private contractor. Colonel Mike found an essay about Biden by Mr. Haugland on the internet called "the Manchurian President" (see citation below), which opened...

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Corporate Media Fails to Mention One Extremely Important Fact About Flight Diverted Over ‘Unruly’ Passenger

Reports came out this week of a flight to Los Angeles that was diverted last month because a passenger became "unruly." Here's the story from Associated Press. See if you can spot an extremely important omission: OKLAHOMA CITY—A flight from Washington to Los Angeles was diverted to Oklahoma City after an unruly passenger assaulted a flight attendant, police...

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Newsmax Goes Double-Woke With ‘Proof of VAXX’ Required for Their ‘Holiday Party’

"Ignore the science, deny the faith." This isn't an actual quote from anyone at Newsmax, but it has become an unofficial mantra of "woke" businesses across the country. The first part is a new development with Pandemic Panic Theater ruling private company policies. The second is an old, creeping part of the Cultural Marxism that is engulfing this...

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