The State of the Union is Unprecedentedly Bleak… Unfortunately, the GOP Isn’t Offering Any Solutions

The State of the Union is Unprecedentedly Bleak… Unfortunately, the GOP Isn’t Offering Any Solutions

As Joe Biden prepares to read his State of the Union Address that was written for him by his handlers that is sure to be filled with lies, gaslighting and propaganda, Jeff Dornik breaks apart the actual state of the union. Unfortunately, with covid, election fraud, illegal immigration, Chinese spy balloons, war in Ukraine and the ushering in...

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Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer Explains Why the Powers-That-Be are Pushing Transgenderism in Schools

Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer returns to The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss the globalist’s intentional and systematical dismantling of the American and Christian way of life. Their focus on brainwashing and gaslight kids in the education is especially sick, and there’s a specific reason they are forcing kids to question their sexuality and gender. It’s clear that this intentional...

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The Southern Baptist Upheaval

Bobby Lopez and David Bumgardner discuss the recent upheaval at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, the rise and fall of Adam Greenway, and what this all means. Watch the full episode on SPONSORS: Pre-order your copy of the upcoming book Cancel-Proof Christianity by Bobby Lopez using code BOBBY for 10% off at: Become a Freedom First TV...

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5 Minutes of ‘Election Denialism’ Now Under Fire From Social Media Industry

A new video has been released that shows five minutes of “election denialists,” those personalities and politicians claiming that an election was fraudulent, that the election winner is “illegitimate,” and that Americans’ REAL choice for the presidency was illegally cast aside. Headlines in the last two years have been replete with reports of such claims by President Trump,...

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Queer Non-Binary Indiana Teacher Makes the Latest Great Case for Getting Your Kids Out of Public School

There are certain drums we need to beat constantly until the message really gets out there. Even then, we need to keep beating it until the message sinks in. Today's drumbeat message is twofold: Get your kids out of public schools if you haven't already Help fight the radical indoctrination being perpetrated against kids who are stuck there...

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Teacher Brags About Many of Her Past Students Telling Her They’re Now “Queer” Like Her Because She’s Their “Safe Place”

This is disturbing. "My kids from last year are now in 5th grade and they come visit me almost everyday after school." she said. "And a lot of them are queer because I am queer and they figured it out, so I've become their safe place." Folks, get your kids out of public schools. Seriously. We cannot...

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