Mother Sues School District for Secretly Helping Her Daughter Transition and Lying to Her About It

(The Daily Signal)—A New York school district socially transitioned a girl without her mother’s consent, repeatedly lying to the mother about the child’s mental health and social struggles, according to a new lawsuit. Represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, Jennifer Vitsaxaki of New York filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the Skaneateles Central School District and Board of Education, accusing...

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Don’t Let Your Adversaries Raise Your Children

(Mises)—Socialist Antonio Gramsci’s “long march through the institutions” describes the slow and gradual intellectual capture of a society through its influential and powerful institutions, including the church, media, the arts, corporations, schools, and universities, eventually leading to full infiltration. It takes little awareness to realize that these strategies have succeeded. In the United States, all of Gramsci’s institutions...

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Communists Have Infiltrated and Taken Over American Education

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. (Natural News) - Dr. John Diamond and Julie Behling discussed how the communists have infiltrated and taken over the American educational system during an episode of "America Unhinged" on Brighteon.TV. According to Diamond, he realized that a communist infiltration was going on in America...

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Homeschooling Revolution: Leftists Retaliate Against Homeschooling as Parents Flee Degenerate, Failing Public Schools

(WND News Center)—Last November, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten annoyed the vast American homeschooling community by expressing bafflement behind the trend to remove children from school. "What's behind the increase in homeschooling?" Weingarten posted on X (formerly Twitter), referencing an article on Axios with the same title. This apparent cluelessness drew snorts of derision from parents...

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Parents Sue School District for Secretly Trans-Brainwashing Their Child

(Discern TV)—A lawsuit filed on Monday by the Alliance Defending Freedom claims that the Rockford Public School District of Michigan has violated the First and Fourteenth Amendment rights of two parents. Dan and Jennifer Mead, on whose behalf the ADF is filing the lawsuit, discovered last October that school district staff had been referring to their daughter using...

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‘The Left Lost Their Mind’: Plan to Add ‘Wokeism’ to Schoolbooks Bites Back

(WND)—Public school textbook publishers who signed up for the leftist “wokeism” agenda, including having ideological concepts like critical race theory and social emotional learning in their books, are finding out that that decision is biting back. Because in some states those publications aren’t even being considered for use. Dan Hart at the Washington Stand reports that eight publications recently were...

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AI in the Classroom Is Forcing Some Teachers to Reintroduce Pencils

(The Epoch Times)—Four out of every ten teenagers are likely to use artificial intelligence (AI) to complete their homework instead of handling their own research and accumulating English and grammar skills, even though the majority know it’s probably wrong. According to a study released by the nonprofit Junior Achievement this summer, 60 percent of the 13-17-year-old teens surveyed...

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