British Media Highlights 30 Covid Cases in School, Ignores Bombshell that 14 Children out with ADVERSE REACTIONS to Jabs

When a child contracts Covid-19, the chances that they'll recover from it relatively unscathed is 99.994%. When they get any of the various adverse reactions to the injections, their chances of full recovery are far worse. Myocarditis is just one of the debilitating and even deadly conditions proven to be caused by the so-called Covid-19 "vaccines" that seems...

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Reopen California Schools Group on Facebook Locked Without Warning or Explanation

The Facebook group for Reopen California Schools, an organization pushing for parent and student rights in the Covid-panicking state, has been locked without explanation or warning from the Big Tech tyrant. Organizers for the group took to Twitter to let people know: "Just Now: It appears @Facebook has removed the Reopen California Schools Facebook group of over...

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Jimmy Lee Tillman II: Democrats Are Slave Masters Implementing the Southern Strategy… Blacks Are Not Allowed to Think

Critical Race Theory and Black Lives Matter dominate the Democrat party and mainstream conversation. It’s completely divided this country, with the Democrats demanding submission to their worldview or else they’ll label you as a white supremacist racist. Don’t think that just because you’re not white that they still won’t hurl those accusations at you. Just look at what...

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Wayne Morrow: The Globalists and Their Servants in the Democrat Party Installed Biden’s Fascist Tyranny

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Wayne Morrow, who is the Vice President of the John Birch Society (JBS), an organization that has existed since the mid-1950s and is dedicated to preserving the American republic and its Constitution. For many years the U.S. governing elite and media ridiculed and attacked JBS as unAmerican or even communist because it consistently...

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Fully ‘Vaccinated’ Melissa Joan Hart Blames Her Kids and Lack of Mask Mandates at School for Her Breakthrough Case

There is a certain level of cluelessness we've grown accustomed to from Hollywood actors. They're generally wrong about, well, everything, and their radical leftist views keep them sheltered from their own idiocy. But every now and then, a Hollywood star is able to transcend the normal boundaries of stupidity to reveal themselves as absolute morons. Melissa Joan Hart...

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Guided by Faith, Divinity Student Fought His ‘Anti-Racist’ Princeton Seminary — and Won

Timothy Keiderling’s decision to enroll in the Princeton Theological Seminary reflected his commitment “to give my life to work for justice and to live out the values of the Kingdom of God.” In a letter to the seminary’s president, Craig Barnes, he wrote that he “would sacrifice anything to make sure that my brothers and sisters see relief...

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Must Watch: Dr. Dan Stock Delivers a Masterclass on the Real Science Behind Covid and Vaccines to the Mt. Vernon School Board

The vast majority of school boards across the nation are embracing the guidance being delivered to them by the CDC, NIH, and state health boards. As we've demonstrated with literally hundreds of articles here, the "guidance" is agenda-driven, not science-driven. They are pushing for universal adoption of the Covid-19 injections, embracing totalitarian control over businesses, and herding the...

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