Educator Speaks Out: Government, Media, and Even Teachers Are Using Covid-19 to Dismantle Reality

On March 13, 2020, the public school district where I teach announced that all classrooms and buildings would be closed for two weeks. Then two weeks turned into two months, and two months turned into over a full year without in-person instruction. Article by Alex Gutentag from Global Research. My school serves a diverse population of low-income students...

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Ted Cruz on Biden Regime Pushing CRT: ‘They Claimed It Was an Error. I’ll Tell You What the Error Was…’

Joe Biden's Department of Education was busted giving guidance to our nation's public school system to embrace Critical Race Theory and teach it ubiquitously to students. When caught, they claimed it was an error. There was definitely an error that took place, and Senator Ted Cruz called it out. He's spot on. If it was never discovered...

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Walkout-Leading Teacher, Once a Woke Hero in Public Education, Sentenced for Sexting Junior High Students

It has become more and more common in recent years for radical leftist icons leading thousands or even millions in protests against America to be eventually revealed as depraved criminals. Such is the case of a former Stillwater Junior High School history teacher and coach who organized and led the Oklahoma teacher walkout in 2018. According to the...

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Julian Acciard: Systemic Racism is Marxism Masquerading as Progressivism

New Hampshire Congressional Candidate Julian Acciard is not your typical politician. First of all, he’s a true outsider, running for Congress for the first time. He’s not a part of the swamp. He’s anti-establishment. However, that’s not what stuck out to me as I was interviewing him. Julian Acciard is focusing on solutions… real solutions that will actually...

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Thomas DiLorenzo: America’s “Stalinist Universities” are responsible for the social disaster we’re now experiencing

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Professor Thomas DiLorenzo, an economist who worked in three universities for 41 years before retiring. He is known for his scholarship in economics, and has written three thought-provoking books about Abraham Lincoln. He writes regularly – and very well – for Professor DiLorenzo spoke today about what he very convincingly describes...

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Feckless Supreme Court Won’t Hear Transgender Bathroom Case, Allows Feelings to Supersede Biology in Schools

If you thought the "conservative" Supreme Court would defend our nation against the onslaught of Cultural Marxism erupting in our schools and engulfing out lives, think again. Only two of the nine Justices — Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas — voted to hear a case that would have returned a ban on transgender students defying their biological sex...

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The Left is using Critical Race Theory to deconstruct Western Civilization

Today The Two Mikes spoke to several guests about the growing battle in Loudoun County, Virginia, over the use of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the county’s public schools. Our guests were U.S. Marine Colonel (ret’d) and former Virginia State Senator Richard Black; Scott Mineo, founder and chief of the county’s organization called “Parents Against Critical Race Theory”;...

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