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Large Terror Attack on Synagogue and Orthodox Churches In Russia’s Dagestan

(Zero Hedge)—Unknown terrorists went on a rampage using automatic weapons against religious sited in Dagestan, Russia on Sunday night. Authorities in the southern Russian republic situated in the Caucuses say that police officers were killed and wounded as the gunman targeted a synagogue and an Orthodox church. At least nine are dead, and 25 injured. An Orthodox priest was also...

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False Flag on the Horizon? The Strange Case of the Destroyed Russian Nuclear Radar

(Alt-Market)—If we accept the fundamental truth that Ukraine is nothing more than a proxy battleground between Russia and the west, then you might say WWIII has already begun. The powers-that-be have been content to keep the situation contained primarily to Ukraine so far, but a recent event suggests things are about to change. There’s something very strange happening...

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CIA Engaged in “Infinite Race” With China for AI, Other Tech

(Zero Hedge)—The CIA is engaged in an "infinite race" with China when it comes to AI and other top technologies, according to the agency's Chief Technology Officer, Nand Mulchandani, who outlined a strategy that prioritizes technological prowess as crucial to national security. Speaking at the Hill & Valley Forum's gathering of top technology and government officials in Washington...

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What Will Israel Do Now?

(The Economic Collapse Blog)—I have been sitting here trying to figure out what to write about what we just witnessed.  Just like October 7th, the shocking attack on Israel that just took place altered the course of history.  This was the first time that Iran ever attacked Israel directly, and I was flooded with emails by readers that...

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U.S. Shoots Down Iranian Drones Targeting Israel

(DCNF)—U.S. troops shot down Iranian attack drones targeting Israel amid Tehran’s highly previewed retaliation for Israel’s airstrikes killing senior Iranian military commanders, a defense official told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Iran launched an attack on Israel using at least dozens of explosive one-way attack drones, likely Shaheds, earlier on Saturday, Axios reported, although the drones would still take hours to travel...

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Russian Ambassador Says Improvement of America-Russia Relations Is “Impossible” Under Dementia Joe

(ZeroHedge)—Russian ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov has issued a dire assessment of the current state of US-Russia relations in an interview with Russia's Channel One. He said that no one should expect relations with Washington to improve at all under President Joe Biden, and at one point even called the prospect "impossible". "Improvement of Russian-US relations seems...

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