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Biden Classified Documents Tied to Ukraine and United States Faces War with Russia and China

Biden Classified Documents Tied to Ukraine and United States Faces War with Russia and China

Our country has been highly distracted by things in the news that have averted their eyes from the brewing war with Russia as we continue to overly give aid and resources to Ukraine. Our nation's defense capabilities have long been deteriorated. This began systematically before any Petrodollar shakedown occurred. Our dry docks, as Colonel John Mills reveals, are...

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Laughably, Biden’s Treasury Dept Claims All Aid Being Laundered Through Ukraine Is Being Used Properly

Editor's Commentary: We've grown accustomed to lies coming out of Washington DC in recent years. In fact, it's very difficult to find any truths intermingling with the plethora of lies ever since Joe Biden was installed into the White House. But one of the biggest whoppers since the regime came into power was told recently about Ukraine. On...

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Gov Bob Ehrlich: Biden is Spending More Than $100 Billion to Protect Ukraine’s Border… and Not a Cent on America’s Border

Former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich told The Two Mikes today that the battle in the Republican caucus over who would be a Speaker of the House was a victory for pro-Trump forces as they voted for Kevin MaCarthy only because he agreed to back an America First agenda, not the agendas of Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce. Governor Ehrlich also...

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BlackRock Chairman: “We’re in a New World Order”

BlackRock’s chairman Tom Donilon said: “We’re in a new world order of geopolitical fragmentation.” Donilon manages almost $10 trillion in investments at BlackRock, making him the world’s biggest asset manager. BlackRock is also a big player in companies developing digital vaccine passports and “digital wallets” that track and allocate carbon allowances and central bank digital currencies.  Its promotion of a...

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The Communist Infidel Belt and Road with Rick Fisher

"As welcoming and encouraging as the protest/pro-democracy demonstrations across China are, they do not present an existential threat to the CCP regime." These words were spoken to The Two Mikes' guest Rick Fisher from the International Assessment and Strategy Center (ISAC). Mr. Fisher is one of the country's most knowledgeable and accurate China analysts. Mr. Fisher said that...

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