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Inside a Ukrainian ‘Monster Garage’ Where Volga Sedans Turn Into Battle Wagons

Ukraine has seen a plethora of militarized vehicles under the current geopolitical scenario, but none have gained as much attention as the Volga sedans. Lets take a look inside a Ukrainian ‘monster garage’ where Volga sedans turn into battle wagons. Alexander Darushin’s involvement with the War Zone started with a Volga sedan. The demonstration video that went viral earlier this...

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Pentagon Quietly Reveals How Many Biolabs They Have in Ukraine and It’s a Lot More Than Their Original Claim of Zero

The Pentagon is still working hard to counter the Russian narrative that U.S.-funded biolabs in Ukraine are there for peaceful purposes only. This is actually the second change to their original narrative that there were no U.S.-funded biolabs in Ukraine. But in their efforts to cover-up and debunk claims by Russia, they're talking out of both sides of...

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State Department’s Skewed Reports Enabling Nigerian Violence: Rights Advocates

After the worst massacre of Catholic faithful in Nigeria’s history on June 5, rights advocates have rebuked the U.S. Department of State’s flawed conclusions in its annual religious freedom report for 2021. Article by Douglas Burton from our premium news partners at The Epoch Times. “Instead of tongues of fire—bombs and firearms descended on worshippers in southwestern Ondo state in...

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Economic World War Is About to Get Even Hotter

Most of us who are paying attention to geopolitics have come to the conclusion that wars are primarily economic. Some have known this for decades. Others are just now coming to the realization. Either way, we're seeing the economic warfare being waged by both East and West tearing the fabric of society on both sides. Unfortunately for us,...

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