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Jimmy Lee Tillman II: Joe Biden’s Handling of the Haitians at the Border Proves He’s a Racist

The Joe Biden Administration finds themselves a part of yet another controversy, this time down at our Southern Border. The influx of illegal immigrants is completely out of control, and the Alleged President is not doing a single thing to stop this invasion from happening. During this past week, we’ve seen the images going around social media of...

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Congressional Candidate Denton Knapp: The People of Wyoming Don’t Want Liz Cheney to Represent Them Anymore

Conservatives across the country are absolutely sick of the Bush and Cheney families. It’s not just that they are all dynasties within American politics. It’s that time and time again, they turn their back on the American people in favor of the establishment swamp in Washington DC. Liz Cheney is no exception. She’s been a thorn in the...

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Retired US Navy Seal Don Mann: Abysmal US Leadership to Blame for the Afghan Crisis

US Navy SEAL (Ret.) Don Mann sat down with Bill McIntosh to discuss the unfolding Afghanistan withdrawal debacle and contrasted President Biden's terribly poor execution of the meticulous plan crafted under President Trump's watch and the competent Soviet pullout from Afghanistan in 1989. America went into the final pullout in August without a single death to our Armed Forces for...

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Matt Couch & Schumann: How Can America Be The Leader Of The Free World If We’re Not Leading Or Free? | Freedom Squad

The Afghanistan debacle has already started to blow by and people are moving on to the next story. However, it was such a tragic failure that we cannot allow this to just pass by. The Biden Administration has created more danger for each and every single American with this one move than virtually any president on modern history....

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Dr Lawrence Sellin: China Is On The Brink Of Being The Dominant Power in South Asia

Today, The Two Mikes again spoke with Dr. Lawrence Sellin about Afghanistan and Pakistan and the Beijing regime. Dr. Sellin provided an excellent analysis of the great strategic advances China has made in Pakistan, noting the Chinese construction of a modern, deep-water port at a place called Gwadar on Pakistan's southern coast on the Indian Ocean. The Gwadar...

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