Democrats sue to stop the California Recall Election of Gavin Newsom

Californians are sick of Governor Gavin Newsom. During his reign as governor of this great state, he’s systematically destroyed it, both prior to and during COVID-19. Home values are through the roof, which makes it virtually impossible to live here comfortably. Taxes are insane. Homelessness is out of control. Illegal immigration has caused widespread harm to the citizens...

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Court Reverses, Gives Christian Fired for Questioning Transgenderism Right to Appeal

A Christian school worker who was fired from her school after she expressed on Facebook social media pages her concerns about teaching transgenderism at her son's Church of England primary school has been given the right to appeal her case. Article by Bob Unruh from WND. Judges earlier claimed that her dismissal was because school officials serious thought...

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Dobbs v. Jackson is America’s golden opportunity to reverse the death penalty for unborn children

I celebrate empowering women but condemn the dangerous feminist agenda that espouses abortion. The truth has been and remains self-evident that we are created equally. I value the words that declare dignity of life consecrated by my faith’s doctrine. As a young woman, I am infuriated by the feminist framework that emboldens women to silence the cries of...

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Kavanaugh Sides with Leftists Against Private Business Owners, Upholds CDC’s Moratorium on Evictions

The Supreme Court held that the CDC can continue to impose a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures due to the Covid lockdowns causing millions to not pay rent or mortgages yesterday. It was made possible by Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the so-called "conservative" Justice who sided with the four progressives. According to POLITICO : The association had asked...

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Federal Judge Takes California’s “Assault Weapons” Ban to the Woodshed in 94 Page Ruling 

Federal Judge Roger Benitez of the Southern California District Court delivered a crushing ruling that had Gavin Newsom nearly in tears claiming that the Cuban born judge who lived through the Cuban communist revolution was a "...stone cold ideologue" and "He will continue to do damage-mark my words!" Cam Edwards of the Second Amendment Foundation was recently interviewed on the...

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Feckless Supreme Court Won’t Hear Transgender Bathroom Case, Allows Feelings to Supersede Biology in Schools

If you thought the "conservative" Supreme Court would defend our nation against the onslaught of Cultural Marxism erupting in our schools and engulfing out lives, think again. Only two of the nine Justices — Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas — voted to hear a case that would have returned a ban on transgender students defying their biological sex...

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