New Person Ownership? Todd Callender Uncovers Legal Twist in Military Vaccination Mandate

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. In a recent episode of Two Mikes, co-hosted by Dr. Michael Scheuer and COL MIKE, the spotlight was on U.S. military veteran and lawyer Todd Callender, bringing a ray of hope amidst the controversial mandate for military personnel to receive Covid vaccinations. Callender revealed...

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Rev Bill Cook and Attorney Todd Callender Challenge Big Pharma, the Department of Defense, and Government Policies on COVID Vaccines

In this gripping episode of "America Unhinged," the charismatic Rev Bill Cook takes the helm as guest host, steering the conversation into the heart of one of the most contentious issues of our time. Joining him for an eye-opening and courageous discussion is none other than attorney Todd Callender, a legal powerhouse known for his unwavering fight against...

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Karen Kingston: Ken Paxton’s Lawsuit Against Pfizer is Making All the Right Arguments

During this episode of In the Foxhole, Karen Kingston and I delve into the legal battlefield, dissecting Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's groundbreaking lawsuit against pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Karen, armed with a thorough analysis of the entire lawsuit, debunks the skepticism surrounding the case and sheds light on why she believes it holds significant promise. Amidst the noise...

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Disbarment Trial of Trump’s Attorney John Eastman Focuses on Election Fraud v. Regular Lawbreaking

The Thought Criminals co-hosts Rachel Alexander and Ralph Benko duke it out during this episode. Rachel Alexander is a former Maricopa County elections attorney and is a firm believer that the 2020 Election was stolen. Ralph Benko is skeptical. This conversation centers around the disbarment trial of Donald Trump’s attorney John Eastman and how it’s focusing on election...

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Conservative Attorneys are Under Attack

During this episode of The Thought Criminals, co-hosts Rachel Alexander and Ralph Benko discuss their new attorney defense/offense organization they want to start and how they need funding. They discuss what’s happening to John Eastman and other conservative attorneys, which is why an organization like this is so needed. Are you concerned about vaccine injuries caused by the...

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