Mary Fanning: The Democrat Party has Taken America Near the Brink of Its Death

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Mary Fanning from the American Report. Ms. Fanning provided comments on a wide-range of issues, including election rigging and the audits thereof; the growing foreign control of American sea ports, a program that was started by the Obama/Biden regime and has resumed under the Biden catastrophe; and the growing threat to the republic...

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Where Are the ‘Fact-Checkers’? Rachel Maddow and Countless Braindead Leftists Continue Promoting the Ivermectin Hospital Hoax

Within minutes of popular conservative Twitter of Facebook accounts posting fact-based stories about vaccine deaths, face mask studies, or Ivermectin reports, Big Tech does one or more of three things: Slap a "fact-check" on it Censor it Suspend the user who posted it Over 24-hours after it was revealed that the Rolling Stones/KFOR Ivermectin story was a hoax...

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GETTR CEO Jason Miller: Taliban Terrorists are Allowed on Twitter Despite Horrific Violence and Threats

In the wake of our Free Speech being stripped away by collusion between Big Tech and our own government, there’ve been many social media companies that have popped up. They’ve all been ok alternatives, but they’ve been far from able to compete with Big Tech and Silicon Valley. It appears, however, that this is about to change with...

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