Queen Elizabeth II is Gone, Now Globalist Powers Will Move Faster in UK and World

Queen Elizabeth II is Gone, Now Globalist Powers Will Move Faster in UK and World

Two tragedies have gripped Tennessee. One early released criminal kidnaps an heiress to a fortune and murders her. Another rampages through Memphis livestreaming on Facebook while shooting people randomly, killing four. This consequence is common to many states in the nation and presents a real-time problem for the United States. Dustin Faulkner discusses the RINO and Progressive ideals...

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Kay Rubacek Warns What a Communist America Will Look Like if We Continue on the Current Trajectory

America is hurtling towards communism at full speed, with Joe Biden and whoever is pulling the strings behind him leading the charge. After the Alleged President’s extremely divisive speech last night, it’s clear that the powers-that-be are setting the stage for a full-on communist takeover of America. During today’s episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Kay Rubacek and...

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Unfazed Dude Eats Shish Kabob in NYC as Animal Rights Activists Rant Incoherently in His Face

This man has become a legend. https://twitter.com/ViralNewsNYC/status/1563628481271005186 According to RedState: It’s hard to find more obnoxious people than those who populate the various environmentalist movements. Whether they are blocking traffic, dumping blood on themselves, or gluing their hands to priceless pieces of art, never has a movement done more to turn the general public against them. And since...

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Here’s the REAL Reason Andrew Tate Was Banned

LGBTQIA+ supremacy is real in Big Tech, corporate media, and government bodies across western society. They truly want full-blown domination. But LGBTQIA+ supremacy is also a catch-all to attack conservatives, populists, and liberty-loving citizens who get out of line. Such a person is commentator Andrew Tate who has been vilified for speaking the truth. They didn't really care...

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