Matt Couch, Eric Matheny & Chase Geiser: It Just Got Rowdy!

During this edition of Coffee Talk, conservative influencers Matt Couch, Eric Matheny and Chase Geiser discuss a wide variety of current events, including Joe Biden’s presidency, the medical tyranny we’re facing as a nation and Donald Trump’s new social media platform. For hard-hitting breaking news and investigative journalism, check out Matt Couch’s The DC Patriot at http://thedcpatriot.com.

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Erik Finman: Big Tech is Doing Everything They Can to Block the Freedom Phone

Today, The Two Mikes again spoke with Eric Finman the designer and maker of the "Freedom Phone", a phone that provides reliable security against governmental and private-sector entities trying to listen to your conversations. Mr. Finman explained that his company has had some problems with the current worldwide shortage of chips and the slow-down of the international supply...

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How Many People Must Be Thrown Into the Volcano Before the Left Is Happy?

It's been my experience that modern leftists have the disposition of Stalin, the demeanor of a middle school bully, and the temperament of a two-year-old.  When they're not outright trying to kill you, they're either calling you names or crying about not getting their way.  It's deeply disappointing to realize how effective these bad behaviors have been in bringing the West...

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Andre DiMino: Attacks on Christopher Columbus are Rooted in Hatred for Italian-Americans

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Mr. Andre DiMino who is a member of the Executive Board of the Italian American One Voice Coalition (IAOVC). The Coalition's website is https://www.IAOVC.org. Mr. DiMino explained that IAOVC operates to protect the reputations and heritage of Italian Americans and to prevent attacks on them like the removal of statues of Christopher Columbus...

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Michael Hichborn Exposes the Vatican’s Involvement With the Occult, Abortion & The Great Reset

For many Catholics around the world, they’ve been seeing the Vatican and many congregations around the world get hijacked by Communists pushing a Globalist agenda. The results have been an extremely Woke Pope and an implementation of the Marxist agenda. Michael Hichborn is the president of Lepanto Institute and recently released an investigative report exposing some pretty dark...

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The Staff Of Southwest Airlines Have Given Us The Template For Saving America

The Left has gaslit the American people to believe that we are completely beholden to their every whim and wish. Throughout the past two years, we’ve seen them use every possible strategy at their disposal to manipulate and threaten us to bend the knee to the almighty elites. What’s going on with Southwest Airlines should be an encouragement,...

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