Plastic Shields and Performative Activism: Matt Couch and Jeff Dornik Roast Soy Team 6!

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. In a recent episode of Sunrise Statesmen, hosts Matt Couch and Jeff Dornik took aim at what they aptly dubbed "Soy Team 6" – a motley crew of leftist activists whose antics border on the absurd. With characteristic wit and insight, Couch and Dornik...

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Here’s a Breakdown of Arrests of Pro-Hamas Activists at 33 Schools Over 2 Weeks

(Daily Signal)—College campuses this week escalated efforts to root out pro-Hamas, anti-Israel occupations, with police making arrests on nine different campuses. Police have made more than 1,600 arrests in connection with the disruptive, illegal campus occupations since the first one began April 19 at Columbia University, according to an investigation by The Washington Stand. There are several noteworthy trends...

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The Globalist Vision: “15 Minute” Prison Cities and the End of Private Property

(Alt-Market)—As a general rule I find that whenever the public scrutinizes any particular agenda being promoted by governments and globalists their first response is to act indignant, much like a narcissist would do when they are up to no good and they get caught. “How dare you” question their intentions and suggest they might be nefarious. How dare...

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Deep-Pocketed Liberal Nonprofit Is Propping Up Pro-Hamas Activists

(Daily Caller)—A major left-of-center nonprofit is providing support to several groups that have justified Hamas’ attacks on Israeli civilians or accused Israel of genocide. The Tides Center provides fiscal sponsorship to several groups expressing support for Palestinian terrorists and accusing Israel of human rights abuses. Several groups supported by Tides praised Hamas, saying they “breached the apartheid wall...

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Trevor Loudon: Alleged President Biden is Doing the Bidding of Putin by Opposing Russia to Get Us Into WWIII

Trevor Loudon is one of the foremost experts in America on Marxism. He’s spent countless years studying this ideology and those espousing it. While the term Marxist gets thrown around a lot, many do not understand the implications of just how far-reaching this ideology actually is. So many within both the Senate and House of Representatives have been...

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Weaponization of Fanaticism – Why Leftists Love Islam Even Though Islam Hates Them

(Alt-Market)—In my recent article on the suspicious nature of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict I noted that, just as with Ukraine, the establishment is seeking to lure Americans into supporting one side or the other despite that fact that neither side concerns public interests at home and neither is really worth fighting for. It is a classic destabilization and globalization strategy...

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Can the Democrat Party Harness the Power of Government for the Common Man?

This is the maiden voyage of a show celebrating the long-lost values of the mid-twentieth century Democratic party. José Vasco, born into a hardcore Democratic family, hit a roadblock when the party seemed to abandon its working-class concerns and instead got mired in neoliberal identity politics. José then made a jump to conservative Republicans for over a decade,...

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