Robby Starbuck Releases First Campaign Video, Gets Rare Rand Paul Endorsement

Senator Rand Paul does not endorse many candidates. His America First mentality means that he is very particular about which Republicans get his coveted endorsement. He will not endorse those who will continue the Washington DC trend of bloating government, pushing endless wars, or embracing the Neo-Marxist doctrines of the radical left. This is why his endorsement of...

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Israel Fights Back

We discuss the importance of citizens running for office to start change from a local level. Israel reigns fire down upon Hamas, while some techies hack into our oil supply leaving many without fuel. Finally prices continue to rise as inflation takes its toll on the US. YouTube, Spotify, and other Big Tech platforms are taking Freedom First...

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Donald Trump Jr. Schools Brian Stelter: ‘Try to Imagine One of the Trump Kids Dropping the N-Word’

There are two types of people in America today: Those who realize mainstream media is unambiguously biased against conservatives, and those who are absolute morons. CNN's Brian Stelter most likely falls into the latter category as he's able to appear completely shocked at the notion that there is bias in mainstream media, at his network, or within himself....

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Whether Trump is playing 5D chess or not, we can’t jump on board his pro-vax and RINO endorsements

President Donald Trump united conservatives across the country in a way unheard of in modern political history. Finally, we had a man who was willing to take on the system and push the agenda that we wanted out of our elected officials. He succeeded and had widespread support because he actually represented the people. Throughout his presidency, he...

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