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Here’s the Patriotic Christian Song We Needed for 4th of July: “God Save America”

In Joe Biden's America, two things are very clearly under attack: American patriotism and Biblical Christianity. They're hitting us from every possible front in a Cultural Marxists' dream scenario that includes LGBTQIA+ supremacy, anti-life abortion activism, and censorship against those who are willing to speak in favor of American exceptionalism or Biblical truths. For this 4th of July,...

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Apparently “Hate Speech” Is Only Bad on Twitter if It’s Directed at the People They Like

Big Tech in general and Twitter in particular have struggled to define what they consider to be "hate speech." The reason is obvious: "Hate speech" is in the eyes of the beholder. Unfortunately for conservatives, the powers-that-be in Big Tech love to behold only the hate speech that targets people they protect, namely leftists. Justice Clarence Thomas has...

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Here Are So Many Examples of Democrats Denying Election Results That Your Head Will Spin

The Republican National Committee is a strange beast sometimes. On one hand, they've essentially disavowed all discussions about the stolen 2020 election. On the other hand, they just posted an article and a video showing plenty of examples of Democrats denying presidential election results during the last three races they lost. With a 99% certainty, I can say...

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Smells Like The Great Reset: Amazon Buying Up Massive Industrial Land Holdings Across the U.S. Even as It Reduces Warehouse Square Footage

As you may have heard, e-commerce giant Amazon has had to drastically scale back its warehouse square footage in recent months due to labor and energy cost increases. Why, then, is the company simultaneously gobbling up land all across the country in key markets? One of the company’s most recent purchases was 193 acres of land located just outside of...

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Wyoming “Establishment” Election Rigging for RINO NeverTrumper Liz Cheney

Amid all of the great victories for freedom and America in the past week, leftists also achieved a very sinister milestone in their anti-Second Amendment gun grabbing agenda. Leftist Democrats, with the help of fifteen "Republican" turncoats, were able to break any filibuster attempt in the US Senate, in order to pass their intentionally disguised bill, euphemistically named...

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Inside a Ukrainian ‘Monster Garage’ Where Volga Sedans Turn Into Battle Wagons

Ukraine has seen a plethora of militarized vehicles under the current geopolitical scenario, but none have gained as much attention as the Volga sedans. Lets take a look inside a Ukrainian ‘monster garage’ where Volga sedans turn into battle wagons. Alexander Darushin’s involvement with the War Zone started with a Volga sedan. The demonstration video that went viral earlier this...

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How Bad Will the Food Shortage Get?

STORY AT-A-GLANCE It’s becoming increasingly clear that severe food shortages are going to be inevitable, more or less worldwide, and whatever food is available will continue to go up in price The cost of agricultural inputs such as diesel and fertilizers is skyrocketing due to shortages — caused by a combination of intentional and coincidental events — and...

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