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Carhartt Acknowledges Supreme Court OSHA Ruling Before Telling Employees, “No Jab, No Job”

Vaccine mandates have taken on a life of their own outside of the Biden-Harris regime's failure to convince the Supreme Court to disavow the U.S. Constitution. Despite the OSHA ruling dropping the mandate for employers with over 100 employees, many are continuing with their mandate plans unabated. One such large company is Carhartt, a workwear retailer headquartered in...

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Virginia Democrats Appalled by Parents’ Rights To “Make Decisions With Regard to Your Child’s Upbringing, Education and Care”

There was a time not too long ago when Democrats hid the fact that they hate parents and want the state to raise all children. In fact, it's only been a couple of decades since Democrats actually believed parents should have a say in the upbringing of their children. But the modern Democrat Party holds no such perspective....

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Turning the Tables on Our Tyrants

There are moments in battle when your opponent commits a tactical error, and if you see it, seize upon it, and exploit it, victory follows.  The COVID-1984 authoritarians have become so enamored with their own power that they are blindly committing such an error today. For two years now, they have engaged in a classic "divide and conquer" military...

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Stunning Videos Show Dystopian Scene From Constant Train Burglaries in Democrat Hellhole Los Angeles

Crime in Los Angeles has turned the once-thriving city into a hellhole. It isn't just the sharp rise in violent crimes that has citizens leaving in droves. It's the property crime that generally goes unpunished by "woke" city officials and a district attorney's office that is the pride and joy of George Soros. CBS LA photojournalist John Schreiber...

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‘Very Disturbing’: Watchdog Finds Fundraising Surges for Secretary of State Candidates in Swing State

Fundraising has spiked for candidates running for secretary of state in the key swing states of Georgia, Michigan, and Minnesota compared to past cycles, according to a new report. Article by Isabel Van Brugen from our premium news partners at The Epoch Times. The report, released on Wednesday by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law, showed that campaign donations...

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