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Monsters Inc and Beyond: Lucy DiGrazia’s Deep Dive into Child Sacrifice, Adrenochrome, and Satanic Agendas

In a riveting episode of Jesus Rocks with Lucy DiGrazia, the fiery host delves into a topic that sends shivers down the spine – "The Worldwide Demonic Movement to Sacrifice Our Children (Their Minds, Bodies & Souls)." The episode takes an unflinching look at various conspiracy theories, including connections to the Monsters Inc Disney movie, adrenochrome, the Mothers...

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Rethinking Our Relationship with Food and Emotions

In a recent episode of Furthermore, the dynamic duo of health and wellness, Drs. Mark and Michele Sherwood, delved into the often misunderstood concept of stress eating, unraveling the intricacies of our relationship with food. The episode didn't stop there; the insightful hosts also took a deep dive into the significant paradigm shift occurring among experts regarding immunity....

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EMP Survival: Follow These Tips to Survive the First 72 Hours After an EMP Event

(Natural News)—Electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) can have catastrophic and devastating effects on society. EMPs can be caused by natural sources like solar flares, also known as coronal mass injections (CMEs), or man-made sources like non-nuclear and nuclear weapons used by governments and terrorists alike. Whatever the cause, EMP incidents could damage significant portions of the nation’s critical infrastructure, including the electrical...

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RNA, DNA Contamination in Food Supply Much Worse Than You Probably Think

(Natural News)—The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic" added a new concept to the public lexicon called mRNA, which stands for messenger RNA. We are told that the COVID injections from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are made with mRNA, though it has since come out that mRNA shots do not actually contain mRNA, but rather contain laboratory-made RNA and / or DNA particles...

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Fake Meat: More Entrée or Agenda?

(AIER)—The Fed’s aggressive interest rate hikes, the surge in retail trader activity, and pandemic-driven valuations have led many previously high-flying public firms to face a sudden reversal of fortunes. Transitioning from pandemic-era policies to a more typical economic environment, firms again need strong business fundamentals to survive in a competitive landscape. A reality check has arrived for the...

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The Left Is Using Apocalyptic Language to Describe What Will Happen to America if Donald Trump Wins in 2024

(End of the American Dream)—We haven’t ever seen anything like this before.  As we approach the 2024 presidential election, I am extremely alarmed by the apocalyptic language that is being employed by many on the left.  They are making all sorts of outrageous claims about how Donald Trump is a “fascist” that will become dictator for life if...

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Unmasking Henry Kissinger: Juggernaut or War Criminal? Mel K’s Unfiltered Take

In a recent episode of "Right Now," the dynamic Ann Vandersteel sat down with the insightful Mel K to dissect the complex legacy of Henry Kissinger. Often hailed as a political juggernaut and hero by some, Kissinger's associations and actions have left a bitter taste for those who argue he played a role in adversely impacting lives, particularly...

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Congress Further Weaponizes Against the U.S. Constitution with George Santos Expulsion

Congress Further Weaponizes Against the U.S. Constitution with George Santos Expulsion

In a recent episode of "Battlefront: Frontline" with host Dustin Faulkner, the discussion went beyond the surface, diving deep into pressing issues that impact the very fabric of American society. Joined by guests Dr. Mark Sherwood and Derrick Evans, the episode touched on critical topics ranging from the expulsion of George Santos to alarming suicide rates and the...

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