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Here Is the Definitive List of Covid Jab Adverse Reactions to Learn and Share as More “Normies” Wake Up to the Truth

On Thanksgiving, I had an unexpected private conversation with a once-a-year-relative (those cousins and other family members you only communicate with during the holidays). She pulled me aside after dinner and asked, "Hey, where can I find info on that vaxx-stuff you always talk about?" It was like opening an unexpectedly awesome Christmas present to hear her ask...

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The Covid Jabs’ Mechanisms of Injury

STORY AT-A-GLANCE In “Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations: The Role of G-quadruplexes, Exosomes and MicroRNAs,” Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., and Drs. Peter McCullough, Greg Nigh and Anthony Kyriakopoulos explain how the COVID shots suppress your innate immune function, and how they may cause neurological diseases Their landmark paper was the source of major controversy in that the...

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Lt Gen Thomas McInerney: All But Florida Is Lost

In this week's "McInerney Report" the Two Mikes and Lt. General McInerney discussed the upshot of the midterm elections. In short, the election was fixed, but it used a different mix of criminal activities to assure another fraudulent Democratic victory. There were, as in 2020, late night deliveries of massive numbers of fake votes to the Democratic gubernatorial candidates in Arizona and...

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