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Over 57% of marines at Camp Lejeune in NC have declined the Covid vaccine

Well over half of the U.S. Marines at one particular base have declined to take the Covid vaccine. This is a sharp difference from the 40% average we're seeing among all Marines. At Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, the rate of soldiers declining to take the Covid vaccine is striking. Out of 26,400 who have been offered...

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Free people require free movement

Vaccine passports” are the latest in a long line of unusual terms we’ve all become familiar with over the past year. Article by Hannah Cox from FEE. The Washington Post reports the Biden Administration is working to coordinate a national program that would require citizens to show proof of their vaccine status in order to travel or enter public places,...

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Immigration insanity: Democrats pushing amnesty through… infrastructure budget reconciliation?

The purpose of budget reconciliation rules in the Senate is to allow the money to continue to flow to where it's needed. That's why it bypasses filibuster rules and only requires a majority for passage. But the criteria to qualify for budget reconciliation are pretty strict and requires approval by the parliamentarian. This isn't always easy. After all,...

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Monetary policy in America is a mess. Things are even worse in Europe.

High inflation takes off where political forces are too strong to permit the implementation of harsh remedial measures with respect to taxation and monetary policy such as to prevent an implosion of the national currency. In the contemporary global financial marketplace, there has been fluctuating concern about the US heading toward this point, albeit at a highly uncertain date,...

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Is prosecution playing dirty against Chauvin in Floyd trial?

Granting a witness immunity from prosecution to testify against another is a mainstay of the U.S. criminal justice system. An everyday occurrence, especially when the prosecutors want to get that evidence presented in court. When the government wants to suppress such testimony, well, that’s an altogether different story. That’s what we have now in Minnesota at the George Floyd trial....

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