The Arizona Audit Did NOT ‘Prove’ Joe Biden Won and the Reason that Narrative Exists Should Infuriate You

This was supposed to be a ticked-off rant where I named names of so-called "conservative" news outlets who either reported the Maricopa County audit of the 2020 election proved Joe Biden won or didn't report on the audit at all. Sadly, it seems that a strong majority of "conservative" sites are joining with every leftist mainstream media outlet...

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Audit to Show Maricopa County had More than Enough Voter Fraud for Legislature to Decertify Election

It's Arizona Audit Day! At 4pm Eastern, the Arizona Senate Audit Hearing will be held and, barring technical difficulties in the livestream, the public will be able to watch. There will be plenty of technical discussions and lots of numbers will be thrown around, but the bottom line will be clear: There was more than enough massive, widespread...

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Congressional Candidate Denton Knapp: The People of Wyoming Don’t Want Liz Cheney to Represent Them Anymore

Conservatives across the country are absolutely sick of the Bush and Cheney families. It’s not just that they are all dynasties within American politics. It’s that time and time again, they turn their back on the American people in favor of the establishment swamp in Washington DC. Liz Cheney is no exception. She’s been a thorn in the...

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Wayne Morrow: The Globalists and Their Servants in the Democrat Party Installed Biden’s Fascist Tyranny

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Wayne Morrow, who is the Vice President of the John Birch Society (JBS), an organization that has existed since the mid-1950s and is dedicated to preserving the American republic and its Constitution. For many years the U.S. governing elite and media ridiculed and attacked JBS as unAmerican or even communist because it consistently...

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The California Recall Election Can Make or Break the Future of America

The day has finally come… it’s Election Day in what used to be the Great State of California. Unfortunately for those of us stuck in Communist California, Governor Gavin Newsom and his fellow Democrats have utterly destroyed everything that was once good about this state. Even before he became a tyrannical dictator drunk with power during the COVID-19...

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Larry Elder, Rose McGowan to Drop Bombshell: Gavin Newsom’s Wife Was Harvey Weinstein’s Deal Broker

Here's one that won't be covered by Democrat-loving mainstream media. Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder and actress Rose McGowan are holding a press conference Sunday to reveal a bombshell about California Governor Gavin Newsom's wife, Jennifer. According to McGowan, Jennifer Siebel Newsom contacted her on behalf of convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein to broken a deal in which McGowan...

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Mary Fanning: The Democrat Party has Taken America Near the Brink of Its Death

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Mary Fanning from the American Report. Ms. Fanning provided comments on a wide-range of issues, including election rigging and the audits thereof; the growing foreign control of American sea ports, a program that was started by the Obama/Biden regime and has resumed under the Biden catastrophe; and the growing threat to the republic...

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Chad Prather: Texas Needs to Replace the Rove-Schooled, Promise-Much, Deliver-None-Of-It Greg Abbott

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Chad Prather, a humorist, musician, comedian, part of Glenn Beck's Blaze TV, and -- with God's grace -- the next governor of Texas. In our conversations Mr. Prather explained his decision replace the Rove-schooled, promise-much, deliver none of it, Greg Abbott with a solid conservative state government aimed at policing the state's southern...

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This Resurfaced 2013 Video of Gruesome Newsom Getting Destroyed by a Comedian Is Why He Won’t Debate Larry Elder

The lore behind embattled California Governor Gavin Newsom is far more favorable than reality. He's known among Democrats as being a strong orator and adequate debater. But rumors of reality seeping past the legend have prompted many to believe the reason he won't debate Republican frontrunner Larry Elder — or anyone else for that matter — is because...

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