Rep. Lee Zeldin is running for NY Governor

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a challenger from the Republican side who has a chance to win, even in the progressive state. Congressman Lee Zeldin announced on Twitter that he's running next year. BREAKING: I'm running for Governor of NY in 2022. To save NY, #CuomosGottaGo! I'll bring the kind of relentless, fighting spirit towards helping to...

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Maybe Coke should be cancelled for its Nazi past

Woke Coke seems less concerned with selling sugar water these days than selling Americans on the idea that whites are not worthy of respect or equal protection under the law.  A few weeks ago, a whistleblower revealed Coca-Cola’s discriminatory employee training program equating racism with “whiteness.”  In a series of online work assignments, Coke goes so far as to instruct its white...

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Mark Zuckerberg’s involvement in rigging the 2020 Election proves Conservatives need a Big Tech exit strategy

The American Conservative wrote an article recently that showed just how much money Mark Zuckerberg alone spent on rigging the 2020 Election. He funneled money through The Center for Technology and Civic Life to pay for voting strategies to benefit Joe Biden and the Democrats, which actually led to the illegal changing of the laws without the approval...

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Greg Abbott declines throwing first pitch at Rangers home opener over MLB’s woke, partisan stance on Georgia

The false narrative that voter integrity laws in Georgia somehow harm persons of color has been debunked by many, including some in mainstream media. But that didn't stop Major League Baseball from "going woke" and getting involved in partisan politics. They moved the All Star Game from Georgia as a result, and many fans are not very happy...

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