‘Very Disturbing’: Watchdog Finds Fundraising Surges for Secretary of State Candidates in Swing State

Fundraising has spiked for candidates running for secretary of state in the key swing states of Georgia, Michigan, and Minnesota compared to past cycles, according to a new report. Article by Isabel Van Brugen from our premium news partners at The Epoch Times. The report, released on Wednesday by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law, showed that campaign donations...

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Tom deSabla: The American Republic Is Being Destroyed By Bribed Politicians, Judges And Other Officials

Today, The Two Mikes held their last pre-Christmas show with their old friend, Tom deSabla. Mr. deSabla, as listeners know, is a fierce and persuasive anti-statist and has never had a time when his ideas are more vitally pertinent than now. Since the Civil War, the American republic has been moved steadily toward centralization and authoritarianism by bankers,...

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Cara Castronuova: The Democrats, Their Terrorist Groups And The FBI Staged The False Flag Event on January 6th

Today, The Two Mikes again discussed the continuing and unconstitutional incarceration of 6 January 2021 demonstrators with Cara Castronuova, the leader of a growing organization named Citizens Against Political Persecution (CAPP). Ms. Castronuova explained that there has been no improvement in the treatment of the political prisoners, with the solitary confinement, filthy conditions, and physical abuse remaining the...

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