Here Are So Many Examples of Democrats Denying Election Results That Your Head Will Spin

The Republican National Committee is a strange beast sometimes. On one hand, they've essentially disavowed all discussions about the stolen 2020 election. On the other hand, they just posted an article and a video showing plenty of examples of Democrats denying presidential election results during the last three races they lost. With a 99% certainty, I can say...

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Wyoming “Establishment” Election Rigging for RINO NeverTrumper Liz Cheney

Amid all of the great victories for freedom and America in the past week, leftists also achieved a very sinister milestone in their anti-Second Amendment gun grabbing agenda. Leftist Democrats, with the help of fifteen "Republican" turncoats, were able to break any filibuster attempt in the US Senate, in order to pass their intentionally disguised bill, euphemistically named...

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Project Veritas Exposes Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate Who Wanted “Secret Sleepers” to Run as Republicans

Think about the worst thing a U.S. Senate candidate could say on a recorded conversation with a prison inmate. Whatever you thought of, the things Krystle Matthews said were worse and Project Veritas delivered the audio just two days before her runoff to represent Democrats as their U.S. Senate candidate in South Carolina. “We need some secret sleepers,"...

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Dr Mark Sherwood Warns That We’re Going to See Abortions INCREASE After Overturning Roe v Wade

Oklahoma Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Dr Mark Sherwood is probably the most pro-life political candidate in America. Not only does he say that life begins at conception, but he argues that life actually begins BEFORE conception. Newsweek called him an extremist because of this position. In response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade, he’s warning that our...

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Wayne Allyn Root Says Donald Trump Is Considering Running… for Speaker of the House

Few journalists have interviewed Donald Trump as often as nationally syndicated radio host Wayne Allyn Root. They are more than just acquaintances with a journalist-celebrity relationship. They are friends, which is why it's no surprise Trump wanted to talk to Root privately about the possibility of the President running for Speaker of the House. It's a theory that...

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Republicans Must Win Midterm Elections to Save America… America’s Last Chance is Now!

In this episode, Crouere outlines the many problems that President Joe Biden and the Democrats have caused. The nation is experiencing the highest gas prices in our history, the worst inflation rate since 1981 and a supply chain problem that has caused empty store shelves. One of the worst problems involves baby formula, which can be found in...

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