Chad Caton: The Circle Firing in Independent Media Must End for America to Win

Without a doubt everyone knows that the medium has changed on how people receive and consume information and entertainment. For a long time the corporate media has enjoyed a gripping control over people for decades. This is why they have fought against independent media which has taken the public away from misinformation and propaganda delivered by the mainstream...

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Dr Lee Merritt: We Are In a DNA War

The Two Mikes have never asked our listeners to make sure to listen to all of an episode. This is the first time. We spoke with Dr. Lee Merritt today, and the Dr. did most of the talking. Dr. Merritt spoke eloquently and in detail about the medical war that the U.S. Government is waging against its citizens....

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Rapper Isaiah Robin Calls Out The Satanic Elites For Their Demonic Depopulation Agenda

The entertainment industry is clearly controlled by demonic forces. We’ve seen legit occult rituals practice right in front of our eyes in music videos and performances at award shows and concerts. Jay-Z, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry… the list goes on and on. It’s an industry controlled and owned by Satan, and boy does he have a stranglehold...

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Elon Musk vs China with Rick Fisher

Today, The Two Mikes were honored to speak with Dr. Rick Fisher, one of America's very best experts on China and its thinking and intentions. Dr. Fisher explained that Elon Musk has put China on its back foot by his production of multiple varieties of reusable spaceships -- especially the Dragon Spacecraft -- and an astounding array of...

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