Breaking the Cycle

Depression can leave people down a dangerous and unforgiving cycle of Hell. Often started by that of a tragedy, a person begins to distance themselves from friends and family, in doing so they find themselves losing these relationships which causes them to fall deeper into depression and shy away from other relationships, spiraling out of control. There is...

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The Supervillains are Using Transhumanism to Eliminate Your Inalienable Rights Given by God

Transhumanism is no longer something discussed and implemented in the secretive shadows of deep, dark conspiracies. With the recent Executive Order by Joe Biden, it’s now out in the open. As I told Dustin Faulkner on a recent episode of Battlefront: Frontline, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Government are now bragging that they can rewrite your cells...

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#WalkAway’s Brandon Straka Warns That He’d Leave the GOP if This Trend Continues

For the longest time, I’ve always heard conservatives taunt the Left by calling them “sheeple.” That description, for the most part, has been fitting. Whenever the Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media run with a particular narrative or legislative goal, their followers simply fall into line. It wasn’t too long ago that Democrats supported “rare” abortions, strong borders...

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Dr. Lee Vliet VS. The Medical Industrial Complex

Dr. Lee Vliet is a practicing physician and has led nationwide opposition to oppressive federal government involvement in the American citizenry's medical affairs since the introduction of Obama Care, and The Two Mikes had the honor of interviewing her today. Dr. Vliet's organization is known as Truth for Health and its goal is recreating the traditional American approach for doctors which was --...

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