How Secret Service Defines the Word “Threat” Almost Got Trump Assassinated

The recent attempted assassination of Donald Trump at his rally by Thomas Matthew Crooks is more than just a frightening event; it raises deeply troubling questions about the Secret Service's protocols and their definition of a "threat." This incident is a glaring indictment of the incompetence and negligence that have infiltrated our protective services under the current administration....

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Medical Freedom on the Ballot: Can Sarasota Memorial Hospital Hide the Truth through Privatization?

In a riveting episode of Steel News with Ann Vandersteel, the focus was squarely on Sarasota Memorial Hospital and its alarming attempts to evade public scrutiny. As the fight for truth and transparency about patient outcomes, financials, and health freedom intensifies, the question arises: Will Sarasota Memorial Hospital resort to privatization to conceal the truth? The stakes are...

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The Worst is Yet to Come: Gordon Oliver Warns That Economic Turmoil is on the Horizon

In a recent episode of The Two Mikes, Gordon Oliver from the non-profit organization Cambridge Credit Management issued a dire warning about the state of the American economy. Founded in 1996, Cambridge Credit Management has long been at the forefront of helping individuals manage their finances, and Oliver's latest insights suggest that the worst may be yet to...

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Are Wall Street Regulators Planning a Crash When Trump Wins?

In a shocking and highly controversial episode of Battlefront: Frontline, host Dustin Faulkner delves into a potential financial conspiracy that could shake America to its core. Financial expert Joseph Lombardi joined the show to discuss a sinister plot allegedly orchestrated by Wall Street regulators to crash the American economy should President Trump win the 2024 election. The allegations...

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The Real Cost of Gas: RFK Jr. Exposes Hidden Subsidies and Environmental Impact

In a recent episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with special guest Anna Matson from Kennedy Debunked, I tackled the critical issue of corporate capture of our government, focusing particularly on the oil industry. This discussion was sparked by a misleading accusation that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. advocates for $12 gas at the pump—a claim that, when examined...

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The American Beef Industry is Being Sabotaged… Here’s How You Can Fight Back

Over the past few months, it's become glaringly obvious that American beef and the ranchers who produce it are under attack from multiple fronts. The costs of feed and equipment are skyrocketing, far outpacing inflation. Major food producers are importing risky, cheaper beef from abroad, undermining our homegrown supply. Unprecedented fires and industrial accidents are wreaking havoc on...

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The Deep State’s Desperate Play: The Failed Assassination of Donald Trump and the Left’s Unraveling

In a shocking turn of events, the political landscape of America has been thrown into disarray as revelations surface about a botched assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump. The left, desperate to maintain their grip on power, has stooped to unfathomable depths, proving once again that there is no line they won't cross in their war against...

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