Allen Parker: Abortion is Graphic, Ugly, Built on Lies and Supported by Friends of Satan

Allan Parker Esq., President of The Justice Foundation, and the attorney who was the lead counsel for Norma McCorvey, (the real woman behind the Roe v. Wade SCOTUS abortion on demand decision), sat down with the Bill McIntosh Show recently.  They talked abortion and the devastation it causes, the falsehoods used by the abortion industry to induce mothers...

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Elizebeth Warren Wants To Pack The Court So She Can Continue To Worship The Demon Moloch

Elizebeth Warren Wants to Pack the Court so She can Continue to Worship the Demon Moloch Demon worship is a dangerous thing and it dements the mind. Sen. Elizebeth Warren who has long worshipped the demon Moloch through her support of child sacrifice via. “Women’s health” is now suggesting that Congress pack’s the Supreme Court in order that...

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You Can Now get Digital Nikes as Transhumanism Continues to March Forward

You Can Now get Digital Nikes as Transhumanism Continues to March Forward As Transhumanism continues to make great strides, Nike jumps into the game by creating digital shoes, Forbes reports. “Nike is taking another step into the metaverse by acquiring RTFKT Studios, a virtual sneaker and collectibles startup. While the deal is already being seen by many as...

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