Pastor Ken Peters Exposes the DOJ’s War on Faith: Conservative Christians Prosecuted for Standing Up for Life!

Tune in to The Jeff Dornik Show LIVE every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm ET exclusively on Rumble! In a recent episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, my guest Ken Peters and I tackled a troubling case that underscores the weaponization of the Department of Justice (DOJ) against conservative Christians who peacefully advocate for the pro-life cause. We...

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Most Gazans are Terrorist Supporters Like Hamas

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. In a recent episode of Battlefront: Frontline, host Dustin Faulkner stirred the airwaves with a potent discussion featuring special guest Rev. Jim Harden. The episode zeroed in on three headline-grabbing topics, offering a robust analysis that sought to illuminate the complexities surrounding these controversial...

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Are Child Sacrifices to Molech and Baal Happening in America?

Unfathomable Molech and Baal child sacrifices are “ancient history,” right? Not so! Unfathomable child sacrifices continue unabated! Biblical and ancient history describes abominable practices and unfathomable rituals that were dedicated to the idol gods Molech and Baal. Rituals to these gods required live sacrifices of children. Innocent, defenseless children were put into fiery furnaces and burned to death...

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The State of the Union is Unprecedentedly Bleak… Unfortunately, the GOP Isn’t Offering Any Solutions

The State of the Union is Unprecedentedly Bleak… Unfortunately, the GOP Isn’t Offering Any Solutions

As Joe Biden prepares to read his State of the Union Address that was written for him by his handlers that is sure to be filled with lies, gaslighting and propaganda, Jeff Dornik breaks apart the actual state of the union. Unfortunately, with covid, election fraud, illegal immigration, Chinese spy balloons, war in Ukraine and the ushering in...

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Democrats Cheer on Pure Evil as Satanic Temple Sues in Federal Court to Overturn Abortion Bans Over “Religious Rights”

 The Satanic Temple continues to be the best champion for radical leftists who want to overturn abortion bans that are popping up in red states across the nation. Democrats have tacitly accepted that this is really about "Satanic Abortion Ritual," and therefore helped frame this issue in a way the Christian conservative right has always viewed it:...

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