Planned Parenthood is Selling the Bodies of Dead Babies to the CCP to Develop Bioweapons to Use Against Americans

Anybody with a brain (which is becoming less and less as time goes by) can clearly see that our own government is colluding with the Chinese Communist Party. What’s shocking is to what degree. Sure, many conservatives know about America’s collusion with the CCP in regards to covid-19, trade and governmental issues. But did you know that our...

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Thou Shall Not Kill – With Allan Parker

The Two Mikes were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with Mr. Allan Parker this morning.  Mr. Parker is an attorney, and can argue cases before the Supreme Court. He and his law firm have provided pro bono assistance to women who are against abortion and/or those who have been mentally or physically damaged by having an abortion. He...

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Dr Mark Sherwood Warns That We’re Going to See Abortions INCREASE After Overturning Roe v Wade

Oklahoma Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Dr Mark Sherwood is probably the most pro-life political candidate in America. Not only does he say that life begins at conception, but he argues that life actually begins BEFORE conception. Newsweek called him an extremist because of this position. In response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade, he’s warning that our...

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With Roe v Wade Overturned, “Trigger Laws” Will Go Into Effect in Up to 13 States

The Supreme Court returned decisions about abortions to the states after 49-years of federal judicial tyranny. As a result, several states have "trigger laws" that will go into effect. For example, Missouri is now officially abortion-free. https://twitter.com/drdesrochers/status/1540338914006900737 Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt Tweeted: Following the SCOTUS ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, Missouri has just become the first in...

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