Democrats Cheer on Pure Evil as Satanic Temple Sues in Federal Court to Overturn Abortion Bans Over “Religious Rights”

 The Satanic Temple continues to be the best champion for radical leftists who want to overturn abortion bans that are popping up in red states across the nation. Democrats have tacitly accepted that this is really about "Satanic Abortion Ritual," and therefore helped frame this issue in a way the Christian conservative right has always viewed it:...

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Abortionists and Vaccinators Have Opened the Gates of Oppression For the United States | Cindy Collins, Luana Stoltenberg, Dr. Mark Sherwood

The abortion debate continues to give problems to the nation as the globalist and Marxist cabal of Biden seeks to oppress the states once again through lawmaking. Dustin Faulkner brings two women, both part of the overturn of Roe v Wade through Amicus Briefs filed by Allan Parker. Through the eyes of the victims of abortion, Dustin brings...

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Bodily Autonomy Leftists Lose Control and Attack America for Abortion Laws featuring Pastor Sam Jones

Following the ruling by the Supreme Court of the United Sates that sent abortion rulings back to the states, unhinged leftist groups protested across the country for the supposed right to infanticide. Groups defaced buildings of pregnancy centers and also pro-abortion facilities in order to ignite fear into their opponents. A new Rasmussen poll reveals that half of...

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Planned Parenthood is Selling the Bodies of Dead Babies to the CCP to Develop Bioweapons to Use Against Americans

Anybody with a brain (which is becoming less and less as time goes by) can clearly see that our own government is colluding with the Chinese Communist Party. What’s shocking is to what degree. Sure, many conservatives know about America’s collusion with the CCP in regards to covid-19, trade and governmental issues. But did you know that our...

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Thou Shall Not Kill – With Allan Parker

The Two Mikes were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with Mr. Allan Parker this morning.  Mr. Parker is an attorney, and can argue cases before the Supreme Court. He and his law firm have provided pro bono assistance to women who are against abortion and/or those who have been mentally or physically damaged by having an abortion. He...

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