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Congressional Candidate Mike Collins: If We’re Not Careful We’re Going To Be Eating With Chopsticks and Speaking Chinese

We are all sick of the Washington DC Swamp, which seems to have the power to turn even the most principled conservative into a member of the establishment. This is why I’ve been saying that we need to primary all of the current members of Congress and get fresh faces and outsiders who will do the bidding of...

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Biden Went Down to Georgia… He Had Some Elections to……

Blake Harbin, candidate for Georgia's 6th US Congressional district sat down with the Bill McIntosh Show to discuss Biden's recent attempt to come to Georgia to effectively game the electoral system through legislation like the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.  The Freedom to Vote Act has a number of provisions among them...

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JR Majewski Calls Out The GOP Leadership For Ignoring The Jan 6 Political Prisoners

The Democrats are doing everything within their power to crush the spirits of those that love America. Do not think that the stolen election of 2020, the BLM riots, the covid-19 “pandemic” and the January 6th “Attack” are not all connected. They’ve systematically implemented each of these attacks on our nation to gain more power and destroy their...

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TX-17 Candidate Jason “Storm” Nelson Forced Out of Military Just Months Short of Retirement Due to Vax Mandate

Our military service members deserve our utmost respect, as they’ve literally sacrificed everything to defend America, the Constitution and each and every one of us. Unfortunately, many are turning a blind eye to the abusive treatment of servicemen under the Alleged President’s Regime, specifically when it comes to the Vaccine Mandate. Jason “Storm” Nelson is running for Congress...

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Dr Mark Sherwood: Ivermectin Should NOT Be Your First Line Of Defense Against Covid

When it comes to Covid-19, many that run in our conservative and “anti-vaxx” circles are propping up Ivermectin and HCQ as wonder drugs that are the only true alternative to Covid Jab. Now, I want to be clear… Ivermectin has its place and is extremely effective in fighting Covid-19. However, according to physician and candidate for governor of...

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